World Teachers’ Day 2017: Empowering teachers across the globe

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World Teachers’ Day has been celebrated annually since 1994, on October 5th, in more than 100 countries. This observance is aimed at drawing international attention to the contributions of teachers in educating and developing their communities and a sustainable society.

This year the theme is Teaching in Freedom, Empowering Teachers, reaffirming teacher empowerment as a top priority in all education and development strategies.

Teachers and trainers in TVET

UNESCO-UNEVOC continues to highlight the role that teachers play as agents of change for the next generation, and recognizes that the professionalization of TVET teachers and trainers is a crucial determinant of the effectiveness and quality of any TVET system. Although many variables affect the success of education and training programmes, it is the nature of the interaction between teachers and/or trainers and those being taught that has the greatest impact on the outcomes achieved.

In its pursuit of the SDG 4 targeting inclusive, equitable quality education and promotion of lifelong learning opportunities for all, UNESCO-UNEVOC recognizes the need for empowerment of the TVET teachers and trainers to empower them to be agents of change in transforming TVET. Amid the dynamism in the demand for quality skills, enhancing the quality of teachers and trainers imparting those skills is critical in determining the quality of the skills of the future workforce.

Together with the UNEVOC Network, UNESCO-UNEVOC continues to strengthen its engagement in building capacities for TVET Teachers across the world. In addition to our preceding initiatives, we are launching a new project on ‘Integrating Entrepreneurial Skills in TVET Teacher Education’. This project builds on the premise that the effectiveness of reforming TVET content by incorporating an entrepreneurship dimension to them are crucially dependent on the competencies of the TVET Teachers and trainers. In this context, the skills and engagement of the TVET teachers play a key role. It is crucial to ensure that teachers themselves are entrepreneurial and able to adapt to the new paradigm of teaching required by the new programmes and approaches.

More Information

World Teacher’s Day is an internationally recognized day; for more information on UNESCO’s activities to mark this event, please visit the following page.

World Teachers Day FAQs

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