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The World Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Database is an online repository developed by UNESCO-UNEVOC, aimed at providing concise, reliable and up-to-date information on TVET systems worldwide.

The Country Profiles are the result of a collaboration between UNESCO-UNEVOC and the TVET stakeholders in each country, particularly the UNEVOC Network Members. These also include collaborations with regional stakeholders, such as SEAMEO-VOCTECH for 11 countries in South East Asia.

We are in the process of updating the information provided in the Country Profiles for all Member States. The updated Country Profiles will be made available on an ongoing basis.

Contributing to the World TVET Database

Should you wish to support the development of a profile for your country, or have feedback on the content and structure of the database, please contact us at unevoc.tvetprofiles(at)

To access a report, please click on the PDF signs below. Some reports are also available in French (FR), Spanish (SP), Chinese (CH) or Arabic (AR).

(NOTE: The newly launched Country Profiles are currently only available in English. The translated versions of these profiles will be published shortly.)

For any comments or feedback, please feel free to get in touch with us at unevoc.tvetprofiles(at)

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    CountryYear Region
Afghanistan2012 Asia and the Pacific
Armenia2012 Europe and North America
Australia2018 Asia and the Pacific
Azerbaijan2013 Europe and North America
Bahrain2015 Arab States
Barbados2013 Latin America and the Caribbean
Belarus2012 Europe and North America
Belize2013 Latin America and the Caribbean
Benin2014 Africa
Bhutan2015 Asia and the Pacific
Botswana2012 Africa
Brazil2018 Latin America and the Caribbean
Brunei Darussalam2018 Asia and the Pacific
Cambodia2014 Asia and the Pacific
Cameroon2015 Africa
Canada2013 Europe and North America
Chad2014 Africa
Chile2018 Latin America and the Caribbean
China2018 Asia and the Pacific
Colombia2013 Latin America and the Caribbean
Costa Rica2012 Latin America and the Caribbean
Czech Republic2013 Europe and North America
Egypt2012 Arab States
Eswatini2012 Africa
Finland2013 Europe and North America
France2015 Europe and North America
Gambia2015 Africa
Georgia2015 Europe and North America
Germany2012 Europe and North America
Ghana2016 Africa
Guyana2012 Latin America and the Caribbean
Hungary2013 Europe and North America
India2018 Asia and the Pacific
Indonesia2013 Asia and the Pacific
Iran, Islamic Republic of2018 Asia and the Pacific
Iraq2014 Arab States
Jamaica2012 Latin America and the Caribbean
Jordan2019 Arab States
Kazakhstan2012 Europe and North America
Kenya2018 Africa
Kuwait2018 Arab States
Kyrgyzstan2013 Europe and North America
Latvia2014 Europe and North America
Lebanon2019 Arab States
Lithuania2014 Europe and North America
Madagascar2015 Africa
Malawi2012 Africa
Malaysia2019 Asia and the Pacific
Malta2015 Europe and North America
Mauritius2010 Africa
Mexico2018 Latin America and the Caribbean
Mozambique2016 Africa
Myanmar2018 Asia and the Pacific
Namibia2015 Africa
Nepal2014 Asia and the Pacific
Netherlands2012 Europe and North America
New Zealand2012 Asia and the Pacific
Nigeria2019 Africa
Norway2013 Europe and North America
Oman2013 Arab States
Pakistan2013 Asia and the Pacific
Palestine2012 Arab States
Paraguay2013 Latin America and the Caribbean
Philippines2019 Asia and the Pacific
Poland2013 Europe and North America
Qatar2014 Arab States
Republic of Korea2018 Asia and the Pacific
Russian Federation2012 Europe and North America
Saudi Arabia2019 Arab States
Senegal2015 Africa
South Africa2014 Africa
Sri Lanka2018 Asia and the Pacific
Sweden2013 Europe and North America
Tanzania, United Republic of2016 Africa
Thailand2015 Asia and the Pacific
Trinidad and Tobago2015 Latin America and the Caribbean
Turkey2013 Europe and North America
Uganda2014 Africa
United States of America2014 Europe and North America
Viet Nam2018 Asia and the Pacific
Yemen2013 Arab States
Zambia2010 Africa
Zimbabwe2012 Africa

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