Conférences sur le TVeT Forum animées par des modérateurs

Les conférences virtuelles visent à promouvoir des discussions sur des thèmes cruciaux pour le développement de l'EFTP, et à rassembler les contributions de la communauté du TVeT Forum.

Conférence récente et à venir

2017: An OER Odyssee. Developing and using OER in TVET
Virtual Conference 9 to 18 November 2017
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When: 9 to 18 November 2017


Moderators: Robert Schuwer, Ben Janssen

Language: English (contributions in French and Spanish are welcome)

The conference will address 5 major questions:

  1. Importance of Openness. There is a continuum of openness ranging from Open Access to full open, including the rights to modify resources. What kinds of openness are most important for which target groups?
  2. Teachers and Trainers have a crucial role in adopting OER in TVET. What are opinions on and experiences with the role of the teacher?
  3. Learning from good practices There are instances where OER have been introduced as part of larger programs. We wish to learn more about these examples.
  4. Experiences with collaboration and cooperation in creating and using OER with the labor market. How are they involved? What barriers exist?
  5. What do you expect from UNESCO-UNEVOC when introducing OER in TVET?
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Avant la précédente série de conférences virtuelles, une conférence a eu lieu en 2007 en lien avec l'écologisation de l'EFTP.

Two pathways, one destination - TVET for a sustainable future (22 Oct-10 Nov 2007)

Virtual conference on TVET for sustainable development | Final report (pdf en Anglais)

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