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The TVETipedia glossary is a collection of terms that are commonly used in the area of Technical and Vocational Education and Training. This glossary provides definitions and background information from various trustworthy sources.Terms in bold have the greatest amount of TVETipedia resources. Symbols signify  related articles and
 TVeT Forum discussions.

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Academic drift Accelerated learning programme Accelerated training
Acceleration Access and equity Access course
Access programme Access to education and training Accountability
Accreditation Accreditation of an education or training programme Accreditation of an education or training provider
Accredited learning Achievement Action learning
Active labour-market policy Active labour-market programme Active learning
Admission criteria Adult Adult and community education
Adult basic education Adult education Adult education and training
Adult learner Adult learning Adult learning and education
Adult literacy and numeracy Alternance training Andragogy
Apprentice Apprentice absorption rate Apprenticeable occupation
Apprenticeship Apprenticeship agreement Apprenticeship contract
Approving authority Articulation Assessment
Assessment body Assessment criteria Assessment guidelines
Assessment materials Assessment of competence Assessment of learning outcomes
Assessment plan Assessment tool Assessment validation
Assessor Asynchronous learning Attendance
Attitude Attitudes to learning Attractiveness of vocational education and training
Audit Audit plan Audit report
Auditee Auditors Awarding body

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