TVET in post-conflict/post-disaster situations


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In conflict areas, TVET is an effective means to quickly instilling people with the skills necessary for establishing non-violent livelihoods. Education in emergency situations - i.e. education in a country or region having been interrupted by a civil or international conflict or by natural disasters - has been recognized by UNESCO as an EFA "flagship" programme. TVET can be an effective and necessary tool for providing people with the skills they require to establish non-violent livelihoods and to protect them from exclusion. People with technical and vocational skills are crucial in rebuilding an infrastructure damaged by war or disaster, in helping to restore the economic basis of their family and community and to increase their active participation in society.

The establishment of peace in conflict areas is often a fragile one. Rapid reconstruction of the region and rehabilitation of the affected population is of ultimate importance if peace is to be maintained. In this context, UNESCO-UNEVOC has implemented a number of activities and published various publications on TVET in post-conflict situations.

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