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Foundation of Technical Education

UNEVOC Centre (National Body) since 1995

The FTE is one of the country´s Higher Education Institutions for Technical Education. It runs a total of 30 institutes. The study duration is composed of 2 full years of secondary education aiming at educating technicians in technology, medicine, agriculture, administration and applied art specialisations. 4 technical colleges offer a Bs. tech. and some post-secondary schools prepare engineers for the electronic, mechanical and chemical industries and advanced professional technicians in health services. The FTE is a formal education institution which has its own personality and an independent entity like any other Iraqi university.

The FTE also offers regular training programmes for its graduate students, its teaching and technical staff and society sectors. It also arranges special training programmes, both short and long-terms, according to the demands of other institutions inside and outside the country.


Rehabilitation of human staff scientifically, practically and technically to fulfill requirements of stakeholders, depending on their qualified employees, who have distinguished expertise and professionalism in implementing developed curricula to cope with sciences edges, commitment to the ethics of preofessions and endeavoring to achieve priority in presenting services in a level that complies with quality standards and interaction with society.


1. Preparing medium and high technical cadres having higher and multiple qualification levels capable of dealing with the modern techniques that would satisfy the work environment requirements.

2. Containment of the human resources that are capable and willing to be within the technical education approach whether they are the graduates of the secondary education or those who need to acquire professions.

3. Determination of the various sectors needs to the technical education graduates to prepare the relevant programs and adapt to the environmental variables.

4. Partnership with the universities and the scientific institutions, and exchange thoughts and expertise.

5. Upgrading the FTE staff to achieve distinguished professionalism which would reflect on their standardized output.

6. Supporting the investment in the scientific research and be the sponsorship for the creators to achieve distinction in the creation of knowledge to offer services at the quality standards achieving levels.

7. Contributing in the spreading of the life long education for all willing categories to enhance the sustainable development.

8. Openness on society to contribute in solving their problems and fulfilling their needs through the technical and scientific consultations.

9. Utilizing the information technology for presenting distinguished services.

Regular tasks

1. Graduating technical staff at technical diploma, technical bachelor and technical higher education levels.

2. Providing labor market requirements according to the society needs.

3. Providing training for developing lecturers and technicians of FTE staff.

4. Training various sections of society for acquiring skills that support them to have job opportunity.

5. Performing scientific researches according to disciplines.

Focus and interest

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Foundation of Technical Education



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Head of UNEVOC Centre
Dr Abd Alkadem Jaafar Al-Yasiri

UNEVOC Coordinator
Prof. Fareed Majeed Abed Alatar
Manager of Scientific Affairs Department
Scientific Affairs Department

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