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Beijing Union University

UNEVOC Centre (Uni/Research) since 2006

Beijing Union University (BUU), established upon the approval of the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China in 1985, is a comprehensive municipal university of Beijing. BUU originated from over 30 branch campuses attached to such universities as Peking University and Tsinghua University. In response to the municipal as well as national demands in social and economic development, BUU takes it as a primary goal to cultivate high-quality practical talents. BUU is one of the largest universities in Beijing, concentrating on undergraduate programs while promoting coordinated development of postgraduate studies, technical and vocational education, continuing education and international education.

BUU is the only comprehensive university and the only university which has the (technical and vocational) teachers’ college among Beijing municipal universities. BUU established one of the first professional master’s degree programs for technical and vocational education in China with the approval of the Ministry of Education. It is currently the only municipal university which has established a complete system of providing technical and vocational education at different levels (master’s degree, bachelor’s degree, and associate degree).


BUU is persistently striving forward for the development into a highly qualified university of applied learning to the satisfaction of the people in the Capital of China.


BUU takes it as a primary goal to cultivate high-quality applied talents.

Regular tasks

For 30-odd years, BUU has been reinforced comprehensively as a result of the establishment of a complete talent-cultivating system. It is actively exploring a new pattern for postgraduate and undergraduate education, fostering graduates’ application-oriented ability. BUU emphasizes in applied research and has undertaken many research projects, and fulfils higher education’s function of serving the society.

Focus and interest

Work area

Which of the following fields is the UNEVOC Centre working on?
Sharing knowledge about TVET
Primary focus
Developing knowledge
  Secondary focus
Developing and building capacities
Primary focus


Who are the beneficiaries of the UNEVOC Centre's work?
Primary focus
Primary focus
Policy makers
  Secondary focus
Private sector
  Secondary focus

Engagement interest

What is the highest level of engagement the Centre is interested in in the following fields?
Greening of TVET institutions and skills
  Interested to contribute
   Interested to learn
OER and Online Learning
  Interested to contribute
Equity of access in TVET
  Interested to contribute
Gender equality in TVET
  Interested to contribute
Fostering entrepreneurship
Interested to lead
Industry 4.0 / Smart production
Interested to lead

Activity interest

Which types of activities is the UNEVOC Centre most interested in?
Capacity development projects
Highly interested
Policy oriented projects
Highly interested
Knowledge development
  Moderately interested
Workshops and conferences
Highly interested

Regional collaboration interest

What are the UNEVOC Centre's collaboration interests?
Within my cluster
Highly interested
With Africa
  Moderately interested
With the Arab States
Highly interested
With Asia and the Pacific
Highly interested
With Europe, CIS and North America
Highly interested
With Latin America and the Caribbean
Highly interested


Beijing Union University (BUU)
No. 97, East Road, North Fourth Ring Road, Chaoyang District, ZIP: 100101, Beijing
100101 Beijing


local time now: ~07:54 ±1 hour daylight saving time

Head of UNEVOC Centre
Professor Hong Bao
Vice President

UNEVOC Coordinator
Professor Fang He
Deputy Dean
Foreign Language Department

Tel. *****
Mobile *****
[Full contact information only for logged-in UNEVOC Network members]


21 August 2020
Beijing Union University Attended the 2020 “Top 100 Vocational Education” Principal Forum
On August 11th, 2020, the second forum of Artificial Intelligence for the “Top 100 Vocational Education” Principals was held in Shanghai, China. The theme was "Delivery, Responsibility, Love (AI)". Professor Bao Hong, Head of the UNEVOC Center at Beijing Union University, delivered a keynote speech at the opening ceremony. He emphasized the importance of cultivating high-skilled talents in the industrial and innovation chain and establishing a modern dual-driven development for higher vocational education.



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