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Fonds de Financement de la Formation Professionelle
Vocational and Technical Training Fund (3FTP)

UNEVOC Centre (Ministry) since 2017

(English translation below)

Le Fonds de Financement de la Formation Professionnelle (3FPT) accompagne le financement de la formation des travailleurs des entreprises et organisations professionnelles, des demandeurs individuelles de formation mais aussi les centres de formation professionnelle. Le 3fpt s’occupe également de la qualité de la formation (développement d’outils d’assurance qualité, labellisation et accréditation des centres…)


The Fund for the Financing of Vocational Training (3FPT) supports the financing of training for workers in companies and professional organizations, individual training applicants and vocational training centers. The 3fpt also deals with the quality of training (development of quality assurance tools, labeling and accreditation of centers ...)


Contribuer au développement des compétences professionnelles et techniques et à la compétitivité du Sénégal


Contributing to the development of Senegal’s professional and technical skills and competitiveness


  1. Concevoir et mettre en œuvre des stratégies d’accompagnement adaptées à la diversité des cibles (Grandes Entreprises, PME, OP, demandeurs individuels et établissements) dans le processus d’ingénierie et de mise en place d’offres de formation
  2. Accompagner les établissements de formation dans l’élaboration et la mise en œuvre de leur projet d’établissement et des CDP
  3. Développer des offres diversifiées de financement et orientées dans des secteurs ayant de réelles potentialités d’emploi
  4. Développer des outils pour l’Assurance Qualité de la FPT
  5. Labéliser les centres de formation professionnelle
  6. Certifier les organismes de formation professionnelle
  7. Produire et publier des études et des rapports sur le financement de la FPT

  1. Design and implement support strategies adapted to the diversity of targets (large enterprises, SMEs, POs, individual applicants and institutions) in the process of engineering and implementing training offers
  2. Assisting training institutions in the development and implementation of their settlement projects and CDPs
  3. Develop diversified financing offerings oriented in sectors with real employment potential
  4. Develop FPT Quality Assurance Tools
  5. Labeled vocational training centers
  6. Certify vocational training organizations
  7. Produce and publish studies and reports on FPT funding

Regular tasks

  • Instruction de demandes de financement
  • évaluation des demandes de financement
  • elaboration de contrats et conventions de financement
  • selection de prestataires de formation
  • agrément des prestataires de formation suivi des actions de formation.

  • Preparation of applications for financing
  • evaluation of applications for financing
  • Preparation of contracts and financing agreements,
  • selection of training providers,
  • accreditation of training providers
  • Monitoring of training actions

Focus and interest

Work area

Which of the following fields is the UNEVOC Centre working on?
Sharing knowledge about TVET
  Secondary focus
Developing knowledge
  Secondary focus
Developing and building capacities
Primary focus


Who are the beneficiaries of the UNEVOC Centre's work?
  Secondary focus
  Secondary focus
Policy makers
  Secondary focus
Private sector
Primary focus

Engagement interest

What is the highest level of engagement the Centre is interested in in the following fields?
Greening of TVET institutions and skills
  Interested to contribute
   Interested to learn
OER and Online Learning
   Interested to learn
Equity of access in TVET
  Interested to contribute
Gender equality in TVET
  Interested to contribute
Fostering entrepreneurship
  Interested to contribute
Industry 4.0 / Smart production
Interested to lead

Activity interest

Which types of activities is the UNEVOC Centre most interested in?
Capacity development projects
Highly interested
Policy oriented projects
Highly interested
Knowledge development
Highly interested
Workshops and conferences
Highly interested

Regional collaboration interest

What are the UNEVOC Centre's collaboration interests?
Within my cluster
Highly interested
With Africa
Highly interested
With the Arab States
  Moderately interested
With Asia and the Pacific
  Moderately interested
With Europe, CIS and North America
Highly interested
With Latin America and the Caribbean
  Moderately interested


Vocational and Technical Training Fund (3FTP)
2 street Fatick X Piscine Olympique Point E Dakar
BP 45855 Dakar-Fann Dakar


local time now: ~20:12 ±1 hour daylight saving time

Head of UNEVOC Centre
Dame Diop
Directeur Général

UNEVOC Coordinator
Sidy Ba
Chef de Guichet financement des centres de formation professionnelle

Tel. *****
Mobile *****
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