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Ministry of Education

UNEVOC Centre (Ministry) since 2011

The Ministry of Education & Higher Education is responsible for overseeing and developing both of the Palestinian general and higher education sectors, and seeks to provide enrollment opportunities for all those who are of school age, as well as improving teaching and learning quality and diversity, in line with the contemporary trends in the world. Moreover, the MoEHE is working hard on developing human resources in the education sector in order to create well-qualified Palestinian citizens, capable of performing duties efficiently and effectively.

Since taking over the education sector, the MoEHE has initiated many development strategies in collaboration with national and international partners and exerted great efforts to advance and enhance the educational process. Despite the difficult political situation and lack of regional support, the MoEHE has shouldered a great burden by inheriting a heavy legacy with a semi-collapsed educational structure left over by the Israeli government that was responsible for Palestinian education before 1994. Nevertheless, the Ministry took upon itself to succeed, and started a wide - sector reform plan to reshape the whole educational system, and put it in the right track. .


To prepare human beings who are proud of their religious values, national identity, country, and their Palestinian, Arab and Islamic culture; who contribute to the development of their society; who think critically and actively seek knowledge, innovation and creativity; who interact positively with the requirements of scientific and technological development and are capable to compete; who are open to other cultures and regional and international markets; who are capable of building a society based on equality between males and females and upholding human values and religious tolerance; and build up an education system which is accessible, diversified, multiple, flexible, effective, efficient, sustainable, responsive to local needs and qualitative.


- Enhancing and upgrading the TVET system in Palestine

- Enabling the Ministry to facilitate, collaborate, interact, network,exchange experiences and participate in international events

- Benefiting from the international channels and services that can be obtained from the Network centres

Regular tasks

Follow and supervise the education system in Palestine in terms of guarantee the sustainability of the sector and continue the development and improvement of the education processes. Follow the preparation and alignment of the strategic plan with the national policy agenda, in addition to the perpetration and following up the implementation of the annual development plans. That aims at developing the existing infrastructure, building the teachers capacities, developing the curriculum, ect. The Ministry on the other hand is responsible about the preparation of education policies that aims at developing the whole sector.

Focus and interest

Work area

Which of the following fields is the UNEVOC Centre working on?
Sharing knowledge about TVET
Primary focus
Developing knowledge
Primary focus
Developing and building capacities
Primary focus


Who are the beneficiaries of the UNEVOC Centre's work?
Primary focus
  Secondary focus
Policy makers
Primary focus
Private sector
Primary focus

Engagement interest

What is the highest level of engagement the Centre is interested in in the following fields?
Greening of TVET institutions and skills
Interested to lead
Migration     Not interested
OER and Online Learning
   Interested to learn
Equity of access in TVET
Interested to lead
Gender equality in TVET
Interested to lead
Fostering entrepreneurship
Interested to lead
Industry 4.0 / Smart production
Interested to lead

Activity interest

Which types of activities is the UNEVOC Centre most interested in?
Capacity development projects
Highly interested
Policy oriented projects
  Moderately interested
Knowledge development
  Moderately interested
Workshops and conferences
  Moderately interested

Regional collaboration interest

What are the UNEVOC Centre's collaboration interests?
Within my cluster
Highly interested
With Africa
  Moderately interested
With the Arab States
Highly interested
With Asia and the Pacific
  Moderately interested
With Europe, CIS and North America
Highly interested
With Latin America and the Caribbean
  Moderately interested


Ministry of Education (MOE)
Al Masyon
00972 Ramallah


local time now: ~02:36 ±1 hour daylight saving time

Head of UNEVOC Centre
Minister of Education Marwan awartani
Minister of Education

UNEVOC Coordinator
Osama Eshtayeh

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