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Ebook Download EOI - Vocational Career Guidance and Counselling
Posted: 20 September by Khan Moham... | Last reply: 21 September, 10:44
UNESCO-UNEVOC Call for Proposals: Compilation of Promising Practices in TVET from Europe, the Commonwealth of Independent States and North America
Posted: 20 September by UNESCO-UNE...
VET/TVET, Entrepreneurship, Strategic Workforce Planning and Development Events, Forums and Conferences from late October - November 2023
Posted: 20 September by Wendy Perr...
Welder certification course
Posted: 15 September by onah modes... | Last reply: 19 September
Learning in informal environment
Posted: 09 September by Arjun Pras... | Last reply: 19 September
Information on National and Regional Qualifications Frameworks
Posted: 03 May by Max Ehlers... | Last reply: 19 September
Time to UNEVOC offer Programs of Post Graduation in TVET
Posted: 13 September by Halénio Ro... | Last reply: 18 September
Vacancy announcement: Project Manager (TVET Project) - Guinea Bissau
Posted: 18 September by UNESCO-UNE...
UNESCO-UNEVOC Call for Proposals: Consultancy on Inventory of TVET Data
Posted: 13 September by UNESCO-UNE... | Last reply: 17 September
Tripartite agreement for TVET
Posted: 17 July by Arjun Pras... | Last reply: 17 September
UNESCO online event on qualifications and RPL
Posted: 14 September by Katerina A...
Expression of Interested to Download Free "Designing Effective TVET Curriculum - A Comprehensive Guide"
Posted: 01 September by Khan Moham... | Last reply: 11 September
Redefining the definition of Skills
Posted: 06 July by MAYANK GAN... | Last reply: 08 September
Suggestion on my new Book on TVET project management
Posted: 27 August by Khan Moham... | Last reply: 08 September
UNESCO-UNEVOC TVET Leadership Programme 2023: Call for applications
Posted: 04 September by Ruairi Gou...
ALADIN Online Alert #48
Posted: 04 September by l.krolak@u...
Zero waste Initiative for TVET
Posted: 30 August by GRACE TITI... | Last reply: 03 September
Launching Book on TVET Institutional Management: Enhancing Effectiveness and Efficiency
Posted: 18 June by Khan Moham... | Last reply: 31 August
Unevoc Center in Bangladesh
Posted: 27 August by Khan Moham... | Last reply: 31 August
SDGs are intertwined with Culture: The Case of Health and Wellbeing Education
Posted: 26 August by Lul Admasa...
Vocational Education in Tourist Area
Posted: 18 August by Biplab Pau... | Last reply: 21 August
Looking for Campus Sustainability/Green Campus Plan
Posted: 22 July by Bakhtyar K... | Last reply: 19 August
Posted: 11 August by UNESCO-UNE...
Skills in Action Photo Competition 2023
Posted: 04 August by Nickola Br... | Last reply: 10 August
Appel à candidatures: Coach de projets
Posted: 08 August by Steffen Mo...
Education and The Funding Gap: Proposed Way to Accomplish Effectiveness in Health Education and Provision
Posted: 04 August by Lul Admasa...
IVETA International Conference in Malawi
Posted: 03 August by Julian Ng...
JUST PUBLISHED. Canadian Vocational Association Newsletter, May-June 2023 / Infolettre CVA//ACFP
Posted: 03 August by cvaacfp []...
Management and Maintenance of VTC Workshops
Posted: 31 July by ALIEU LEE ...
Short Term Skill Training Courses related e-Books and other contents availabilty
Posted: 31 July by MAYANK GAN...
Thai-German TVET Conference on Research Cooperation in Southeast Asia
Posted: 31 July by UNESCO-UNE...
Content request for soft skills training model design
Posted: 31 July by khosrow ha...
Open Educational Resources (OER) in TVET on the UNEVOC website
Posted: 07 July by UNESCO-UNE... | Last reply: 20 July
didacta asia and didacta asia congress 2023
Posted: 19 July by didacta as...
Summer break: No TVET Forum digest until 31 July
Posted: 10 July by UNESCO-UNE...
ILO seeks Skills and Life Long Learning Consultant for Saudi Assignment
Posted: 07 July by Arthur E. ...
12 July, World Bank – ILO – UNESCO event: Building Better Formal TVET Systems
Posted: 07 July by UNESCO-UNE...
TVET and Workforce Development for an Inclusive Green Economy
Posted: 26 June by Debra Rowe... | Last reply: 05 July
Hiring: Market Assessment Specialist
Posted: 04 July by Milica Nje...
FREE Event: SkillsFest 10 to 14 July 2023
Posted: 04 July by Jonathan L... | Last reply: 04 July
Transform your faculty to enhance Industry-Academia Collaboration
Posted: 03 July by Rajeev jai... | Last reply: 04 July
ALADIN Online Alert #47
Posted: 30 June by l.krolak@u... | Last reply: 03 July
UNEVOC Quarterly #14 --- Revue trimestrielle #14
Posted: 30 June by UNESCO-UNE...
Request for scientific information regarding the National Qualification Framework(NQF)
Posted: 30 June by khosrow ha... | Last reply: 30 June
Workforce in Green Hydrogen
Posted: 28 June by Dr Dr Ahm...
ENESAT Self Assesment for Center of Vocational Excellence
Posted: 26 June by Mustafa Hi...
ETF Project - Sharing Innovation on Social Inclusion in VET excellence (SISI)
Posted: 26 June by Mustafa Hi...
Forum on Vocational Excellence 2023
Posted: 26 June by Mustafa Hi...
Second Chance Education
Posted: 24 June by Biplab Pau...
Calling for FR/EN evaluators for TVET network in electricity sector Africa
Posted: 21 June by Peter Tier... | Last reply: 22 June
GIVE Project
Posted: 22 June by Mustafa Hi...
call for articles: Namibia Journal of Technical Vocational Education and Training
Posted: 22 June by Noel Drake...
Posted: 08 June by Enrik Kris... | Last reply: 22 June
New ILO Recommendation on Quality Apprenticeships adopted
Posted: 21 June by Cecilia Pu... | Last reply: 21 June
STEM Professional Development Network
Posted: 20 June by Mustafa Hi...
Posted: 20 June by Mustafa Hi...
Empowering youth for a sustainable future: Building skills for tomorrow
Posted: 20 June by Nickola Br...
Survey for World Youth Skills Day
Posted: 19 June by Nickola Br...
Possible speaking invite - TVET programs for energy efficiency, electrification and clean energy
Posted: 19 June by Debra Rowe...
Academic and TVET pathways what for?
Posted: 26 May by Dr Dr Ahm... | Last reply: 13 June
Artificial Intelligence AI Within Developing Countries
Posted: 09 June by Moustafa M... | Last reply: 13 June
Calling for Applications for School Enterprise Challenge 2023
Posted: 12 June by Juliette ...
TVET for Sustainable Development in Bangladesh: Empowering the Workforce for a Brighter Future
Posted: 12 June by Khan Moham...
Promoting Quality TVET by Incorporating a Global Citizenship Approach into TVET Programmes
Posted: 10 June by Jingjun Qi...
Colleges and Institutes Canada publishes a new National PLAR Framework
Posted: 06 June by Milica Nje... | Last reply: 09 June
Learning with Pleasure
Posted: 08 June by Biplab Pau...
Introducing the Trash to Cash Challenge: Turning Waste into Wealth
Posted: 26 May by Alondra Ma... | Last reply: 05 June
Reengineering Education for the Digital Age
Posted: 02 June by Kris Rampe...
Call for nominations – UNESCO International Literacy Prizes 2023
Posted: 31 May by Nickola Br...
Internship at UNESCO-UNEVOC
Posted: 30 May by Lenny Mart...
TVET as an opportunity
Posted: 25 May by Arjun Pras... | Last reply: 30 May
Invitation of articles for the 6Th Edition of the International Journal of Career Development
Posted: 15 May by Dr. Fazle ... | Last reply: 29 May
Culture, National Qualification Framework and Quality Education
Posted: 21 May by Lul Admasa... | Last reply: 26 May
Innovation pédagogique en cours en Afrique de l’Ouest
Posted: 24 May by Charles Fl...
UNESCO UNEVOC Call for Proposal: Increasing inclusion of migrants and refugees
Posted: 24 May by Lenny Mart...
Use of design thinking pedagogy to foster creativity and innovation: A case study at the Institute of Technical Education, Singapore
Posted: 12 May by William Ch... | Last reply: 23 May
Call for Papers: Skills and Lifelong Learning in Asia-Pacific
Posted: 23 May by Michael Br...
Request for Aluminum assembly and fabrication training manual
Posted: 19 May by Mohammed J...
UNEVOC Webinar 16 May: How Europe is addressing the digital education challenge
Posted: 09 May by UNESCO-UNE... | Last reply: 18 May
Free Faculty Development Programs ( FDPs)
Posted: 18 May by Rajeev jai...
Vacance de poste: Chef d’Équipe International - Burkina Faso
Posted: 16 May by Hans-Phili...
Understanding Micro Credentials
Posted: 09 May by Mooketsi M... | Last reply: 12 May
Reflections on the use of Artificial Intelligence in education
Posted: 14 March by Max Ehlers... | Last reply: 11 May
Introduction to the `Syllabuses of Digital Programs in TVET(2022): A Comprehensive Guidebook for TVET Institutions
Posted: 02 May by Liucheng P... | Last reply: 08 May
Book Launch: COVID-19 and the (broken) promise of education for sustainable development: A case study from postcolonial Pakistan
Posted: 02 May by Dr. Seth B... | Last reply: 08 May
Webinar: Enhancing digital transformation in TVET in developing countries
Posted: 11 April by UNESCO-UNE... | Last reply: 05 May
2023 SXPI UNEVOC Center Workshop: Incorporating a Global Citizenship Approach into TVET Learning Environment in May 23rd and 24th 2023.
Posted: 04 May by Jingjun Qi... | Last reply: 05 May
ALADIN Online Alert #46
Posted: 02 May by Krolak, Li...
The Launch of SDGs Progress Report April 25,2023 : Targets not Met and Solutions
Posted: 28 April by Lul Admasa... | Last reply: 30 April
Special Invitation for Clean Energy Economy/Workforce Solution Summit
Posted: 12 April by Debra Rowe... | Last reply: 30 April
Vocational Teacher Courses
Posted: 14 September 2022 by Gideon Mur... | Last reply: 28 April
Recruitment of UNESCO BEAR-III project team leader (Abuja, NIgeria)
Posted: 27 April by Hiromichi ...
Webinaire: Améliorer l`EFTP par la transformation numérique
Posted: 18 April by Danilo Lei... | Last reply: 25 April
Countries need to develop policies and regulations supporting lifelong learning and multiple skills formation for future digital capability
Posted: 16 April by Amir Radfa...
Dashboard/UNDP Digital Development Compass
Posted: 15 April by Amir Radfa...
Enterprise-Based Training in the Philippines- Connect with a TVET expert in the Philippines
Posted: 15 April by Jooyoung V...
Sexual Assault Awareness Month during April by Upholding Comprehensive Sexuality Education
Posted: 14 April by Lul Admasa...
Recherche de deux experts andragogues pour une mission de la banque mondiale côte d'ivoire
Posted: 13 April by Auriole AB...
Green Skills Award : 23 April 2023 (23:59 CEST) By ETF
Posted: 13 April by Lahmine So...
Avis de vacance de deux postes UNESCO (programme Education)
Posted: 04 April by UNESCO-UNE... | Last reply: 09 April
TVET Objectives and Purposes for UNEVOC
Posted: 04 April by Hlompho Kh... | Last reply: 09 April
Skills for early Childhood teachers
Posted: 07 April by Katerina A... | Last reply: 09 April
Evaluation and Evidence process System
Posted: 30 March by Halénio Ro... | Last reply: 09 April
Suggestion regarding the title of the doctoral thesis
Posted: 29 March by khosrow ha... | Last reply: 06 April
UNEVOC Quarterly #13 --- Revue trimestrielle #13
Posted: 31 March by UNESCO-UNE...
Climate Change Mitigation through Curriculum- TVET Students Work
Posted: 31 March by Dr Dr Ahm...
Report published by New Economics Foundation (NEF)/ the urgent need to close the green skills gap and achieve a just transition for a sustainable future
Posted: 31 March by Amir Radfa... | Last reply: 31 March
Integrating Waste Management and Recycling into TVET Systems in the Tourism and Hospitality Sector
Posted: 30 March by Amir Radfa...
Bangladesh’s Skill Ecosystem and the Road to a Skilled Nation
Posted: 30 March by Khan Moham...
Green Skills Awards 2023 - A CALL FOR APPLICATIONS!
Posted: 24 March by Maria Lvov... | Last reply: 28 March
Webinar `BILT spotlight on Africa: TVET governance´ with CTVET, Ghana
Posted: 28 March by Natalie Ax...
ALADIN Online Alert #45
Posted: 27 March by l.krolak@u...
BILT Atlas of emerging trends in TVET: Europe section launched
Posted: 27 March by Alexandra ...
The daily digest
Posted: 02 February by Dr Dr Ahm... | Last reply: 24 March
Skills bootcamps and flexible delivery of TVET
Posted: 22 March by Max Ehlers... | Last reply: 24 March
5 articles on TVET - CILATAM
Posted: 23 March by Stephen Mu...
Des expériences innovantes pour la jeune relève scientifique
Posted: 23 March by Charles Fl...
Nearly 130 high school students discover aquaponics
Posted: 23 March by Charles Fl...
Career Pathway to combat climate change in the US
Posted: 20 March by Latoya Wil...
Scheme of Work Template
Posted: 16 March by Nurudeen S... | Last reply: 17 March
Relaunch of TVETipedia
Posted: 27 February by UNESCO-UNE... | Last reply: 15 March
Time for TVET mania
Posted: 13 March by Arjun Pras... | Last reply: 14 March
UNESCO Event: Release of report on learner-centred teaching in TVET
Posted: 14 March by UNESCO-UNE...
Free Webinar
Posted: 03 March by Charles Fl... | Last reply: 13 March
Overseas Adventures - From Afghanistan to Zambia and Points In-Between
Posted: 08 March by Arthur E. ...
3D Drawing and Modelling Tools
Posted: 06 March by T. Damian ... | Last reply: 06 March
Fundamentals of effective business partnerships in TVET
Posted: 04 March by Khan Moham... | Last reply: 05 March
Call for Proposals: RPL consultancy Liberia
Posted: 02 March by UNESCO-UNE...
Building Strong Technical and Vocational Education and Training Programs: The Roles of Universities and Vocational Schools in Collaboration
Posted: 20 February by Amir Radfa... | Last reply: 02 March
Call for interest: Consultant to support UNESCO TVET project in Western Africa (country profile production)
Posted: 23 February by Hiromichi ... | Last reply: 24 February
Next BILT Learning Lab 8 March: Young Africa - Embracing equal opportunities for women in TVET both online and offline
Posted: 24 February by Liucheng P...
Green Jobs and Education Important Webinar
Posted: 17 February by Debra Rowe... | Last reply: 24 February
Call for interest: Consultant(s) to support UNESCO TVET project in Western Africa (project formulation)
Posted: 23 February by Hiromichi ...
Integrating STEM into TVET
Posted: 17 January by Ziad Said ... | Last reply: 23 February
Maintenir les pêches commerciales tout en protégeant les mammifères marins
Posted: 27 January by Charles Fl... | Last reply: 21 February
Vacancy announcement UNESCO HQ
Posted: 21 February by Katerina A...
Plastics sector skills and occupational demand in Lebanon
Posted: 20 January by Arthur E. ... | Last reply: 16 February
Requirements to source subject matter experts
Posted: 30 January by Leena- Nel... | Last reply: 16 February
How to Develop and Maintain a Happy TVET Project Team
Posted: 15 February by Arthur E. ...
The Importance of Skilled Technicians in Reducing Guarantee Costs in Servicing Sector
Posted: 15 February by Amir Radfa...
An Articles on Partnering of Informal Industries and Training Service Providers
Posted: 12 February by Khan Moham...
The Importance of a Strong Licensing System in Connection with TVET in Developing Countries
Posted: 12 February by Amir Radfa...
Career Pathway programs in US - Love to meet with professionals in Ottawa to Montreal
Posted: 11 February by Latoya Wil...
Green TVET and Green Skills in the Context of a Circular Economy: The Importance of Investing in a Sustainable Future
Posted: 10 February by Amir Radfa...
Sharing a short article: Green Skills and Greening Skills in TVET: Promoting Environmental Sustainability through Effective Policies and Governance
Posted: 02 February by Amir Radfa... | Last reply: 09 February
Addressing the Skills Gap in Foam Production through Technical and Vocational Education and Training
Posted: 07 February by Amir Radfa...
Research on routes into teaching in TVET
Posted: 24 January by Brosnan []... | Last reply: 04 February
TVET promotion
Posted: 04 February by Arjun Pras...
Looking for an expert for curricula development in Uzbekistan
Posted: 03 February by Mariko Fuj...
Innovation in the delivery of industrial technical training
Posted: 02 February by Rob Murphy...
February is VD Month
Posted: 01 February by T. Damian ...
Unlocking the Potential of Proactive Partnerships: How TVET Centers Can Benefit from Collaboration with UN and International Development Agencies
Posted: 29 January by Amir Radfa... | Last reply: 30 January
What about trainer and instructor reforms?
Posted: 23 January by TYLVIS SIN... | Last reply: 29 January
The Importance of Certification and Quality Assurance Assessment for Technical and Vocational Education and Training Providers
Posted: 26 January by Amir Radfa... | Last reply: 29 January
Permeability of TVET qualification
Posted: 27 January by Arjun Pras...
Preparing for the Industry: The Special Design of Training Equipment and Workshop Layout in TVET Colleges
Posted: 26 January by Amir Radfa...
Module on TVET at the University of Stirling, Scotland
Posted: 24 January by Brosnan []...
TVET Entrepreneurship - A Need of Time
Posted: 16 January by Khan Moham... | Last reply: 23 January
The Fifth International Day of Education and Higher Education Sector: Pushing the Agenda Forward for New Competency and Qualification in Deglobalisation and Decolonization
Posted: 21 January by Lul Admasa...
Quick overview of the TVET reform in Egypt
Posted: 09 June 2022 by Dr Dr Ahm... | Last reply: 20 January
Why aligning TVET curriculum with STEM subjects is crucial for the successful delivery of TVET courses?
Posted: 19 January by Roble Ayah...
UNESCO ICT in Education Prize
Posted: 18 January by UNESCO-UNE... | Last reply: 18 January
`Skills for Work Proposal´ for VTC
Posted: 10 January by ALIEU LEE ... | Last reply: 18 January
Webinar on the Future of VET in Europe: trends and lessons for a global debate - 25 January 2023
Posted: 17 January by Liucheng P... | Last reply: 18 January
Textile jobs in Uzbekistan
Posted: 13 January by rameen jav... | Last reply: 18 January
TVET as an Educational Engineering
Posted: 17 January by Arjun Pras...
TVETjobs.org - a job board for TVET experts and consultants
Posted: 14 January by Timo Wohli...
Losing demographic dividend
Posted: 26 December 2022 by Arjun Pras... | Last reply: 10 January
ALADIN Online Alert #44
Posted: 09 January by l.krolak@u... | Last reply: 10 January
BILT opportunity: green and digital transition in TVET for hospitality and tourism
Posted: 09 January by UNESCO-UNE...
Sharing Short Article / "Using ISO Standards to Green Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Systems"
Posted: 09 January by Amir Radfa...
Posted: 05 January by Hoosen Ras... | Last reply: 08 January
The German Dual Vocational Education System: A Model for Successful Resource Mobilization in TVET
Posted: 06 January by Amir Radfa...
Survey on Labour Market Information System
Posted: 01 December 2022 by Fatai Osun... | Last reply: 05 January
OSU DACUM Facilitator Training for 2023
Posted: 03 January by John Moser...
Suggestions for Curriculum Review for Diploma of Associate Engineering (Mechanical)
Posted: 10 December 2022 by Bakhtyar K... | Last reply: 03 January
TVET Gaps in Developing Countries
Posted: 05 May 2022 by Moustafa M... | Last reply: 01 January

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