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VISION: The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Affinity Group's vision is to advance the awareness and adoption of the SDGs as integral to TVET learning, through knowledge exchange, bridging of experiences and the creation of an engaged community of practice encompassing a diversity of views while working to embed SDG principles through the processes and practices of each institution to ensure no one is left behind.

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FOCUS: The group will focus on SDG best practices, emerging research, policies, collaborative opportunities. (learn more )

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Critical Internationalization of Higher Education Sector
Posted: 23 March by Lul Admasa... | Last reply: 26 October
Education for sustainable development special of the Education + Training Journal
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Showcase: Job-rich opportunities of the green transition (26 October 2021, 17.15 GMT+8)
Posted: 24 October by Kenneth Ba... | Last reply: 25 October
TVET in Agricultural Sector
Posted: 14 September by Biplab Pau... | Last reply: 07 October
Green Careers Guidance Doc now available
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WFCP SDG Affinity Group | A Path Forward: The role of Indigenous Knowledge in reaching the Sustainable Development Goals
Posted: 20 September by Andrea Fou... | Last reply: 22 September
SDG Affinity Group - SDG 5 August Recording
Posted: 10 September by Andrea Fou...
WFCP SDG Affinity Group | SDG 5: What is the role of TVET in supporting gender equality and empowerment?
Posted: 19 August by Andrea Fou... | Last reply: 20 August
World Youth Skills Day - SDG Affinity Group July Recording
Posted: 26 July by Andrea Fou...
Next Meeting July 15th - Working with Purpose: Developing Youth Skills for Green Building, Cities and Infrastructure
Posted: 07 July by Andrea Fou... | Last reply: 07 July
SDG Affinity Group - 2030 SDGs Game Recording
Posted: 24 June by Andrea Fou...
SDG Affinity Group - June session
Posted: 18 June by Kenneth Ba... | Last reply: 22 June
Skills for green and just transitions
Posted: 01 June by Margarita ... | Last reply: 10 June
SDG Affinity Group - May NSCC Recording
Posted: 02 June by Andrea Fou... | Last reply: 06 June
SDG Affinity Group - UNITAR Recording - April Session
Posted: 04 May by Andrea Fou... | Last reply: 25 May
Yes it’s possible: Integrating the SDGs into a multi-campus TVET Institution in Canada
Posted: 21 May by Andrea Fou...
Sustainability means intergenerational equity - Join CICan May 12th at 12 PM EST for this important discussion
Posted: 10 May by Andrea Fou...
SDG Affinity Group - April Meeting
Posted: 21 April by Kenneth Ba... | Last reply: 22 April
SDG Affinity Group - March Meeting
Posted: 24 March by Andrea Fou...
SDG Affinity Group
Posted: 19 March by Andrea Fou...
ESD as a key enabler of SDGs and the COVID rebuilding process
Posted: 26 February by Kenneth Ba... | Last reply: 26 February
TVET and SDG discussion digest
Posted: 23 February by UNESCO-UNE...
TVET to meet SDG-15 targets: Webinar series on land-based jobs for the youth
Posted: 22 February by Kenneth Ba...
Welcome to the SDG Affinity Group discussion forum
Posted: 21 January by UNESCO-UNE... | Last reply: 18 February



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