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TVET directory Sub-Saharan Africa
Posted: 17 September 2018 by [joe.mark... | Last reply: 19 June
Posted: 16 June by Max Ehlers... | Last reply: 19 June
E-learning methodologies and good practices/FAO-2021
Posted: 17 June by Amir Radfa...
NROC Project Recommended to All
Posted: 15 June by T. Damian ...
Capacity Development of TVET Personnel
Posted: 10 June by Gideon Mur... | Last reply: 15 June
Trainers/Teachers Guide for Competence Based Implementation
Posted: 12 June by Gideon Mur... | Last reply: 14 June
The Importance of Trust
Posted: 13 June by Leigh Ridg...
Creativity and Innovation Methodologies: Practical Steps Towards Organizational Excellence
Posted: 03 May by Mansour Ka... | Last reply: 10 June
Capacity Development in TVET: TVET Academy
Posted: 17 May by Ulrike Sch... | Last reply: 09 June
Recruitment of National Experts for the Project "Tackling Skills Mismatch in Sub-Saharan African Countries"
Posted: 09 June by Khalil bah...
Join us for Bridging Africa and Europe: New Qualifications and Competencies in TVET!
Posted: 09 June by Natalie Ax...
Your input requested for new TVET Country Profiles service
Posted: 06 May by Max Ehlers... | Last reply: 08 June
German Expert in Welding Technology for a short term Training of Trainers Project in India
Posted: 07 June by Ravishanka...
NQF, RPL & Credit Transfer
Posted: 26 May by Chandra Pr... | Last reply: 04 June
Rural Economy and TVET
Posted: 02 June by Biplab Pau...
[L&W] Latest news on European research in learning and work - June 2021
Posted: 01 June by sabine-man...
GRP4TVET Global Resource - Looking for a Process Consultant
Posted: 27 May by Grace Mwau... | Last reply: 31 May
Performance Management for TVET leacturers
Posted: 28 May by Hoosen Ras... | Last reply: 29 May
Visible Impact of Training
Posted: 05 May by Biplab Pau... | Last reply: 28 May
Posted: 28 May by Hary Andri...
The PROFESSIONAL SALES Vocational Program
Posted: 26 May by James D. R...
Yes it’s possible: Integrating the SDGs into a multi-campus TVET Institution in Canada
Posted: 21 May by Andrea Fou... | Last reply: 25 May
Vanuatu Skills Partnership
Posted: 23 May by Leigh Ridg...
Podcast: The Dark Arts - Plagiarism & Academic Integrity
Posted: 14 May by Katherine ... | Last reply: 23 May
68% of adult students testify to cheating!
Posted: 19 May by Leigh Ridg... | Last reply: 19 May
Work-Process Based Development of Curricula
Posted: 30 November 2020 by Georg Spöt... | Last reply: 19 May
Digital Version of S-OJT - SiTUATE
Posted: 12 May by Ronald Jac... | Last reply: 19 May
Retention of students, TVET studies and programme of "Docente/Tutor"
Posted: 17 May by Stephen Mu...
UNESCO-UNEVOC is calling for proposals - 'Entrepreneurial learning for disadvantaged youth' and 'Inclusive TVET institutions'
Posted: 14 May by Wouter de ... | Last reply: 17 May
UNESCO World Conference on Education for Sustainable Development
Posted: 17 May by Max Ehlers...

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