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  TVET Forumreplies
UNESCO and the Transforming Education Summit for Futures of Education: Proposing UNESCO-UNEVOC Chair and/or Network for Technical and Vocational Education
Posted: 30 June by Lul Admasa... | Last reply: 01 July
Forum de durabilité environnementale dans le secteur extractif, dans le cadre d’un projet d’EFTP.
Posted: 29 June by Marie-José... | Last reply: 01 July
Foro de Sostenibilidad Ambiental en el Ámbito Extractivo en el marco de un programa de EFTP.
Posted: 29 June by Marie-José...
Forum on Environmental Sustainability in the Extractive Sector, an international event part of a TVET Program.
Posted: 29 June by Marie-José...
Striking the right balance: State and non-state engagement within TVET
Posted: 20 June by Nickola Br... | Last reply: 28 June
Wanted: website tester with knowledge of technical training equipment
Posted: 27 June by Timo Wohli...
VET in Germany
Posted: 20 June by ali sh []... | Last reply: 27 June
Integrating SDGs into curriculum
Posted: 22 June by Charles Fl... | Last reply: 24 June
UNEVOC Quarterly #10 --- Revue trimestrielle #10
Posted: 24 June by UNESCO-UNE...
Career Pathways in Renewable Energy and STEM - Do your countries offer these programs?
Posted: 23 June by Latoya Wil... | Last reply: 24 June
ILO Employment Policy Department Podcast Series: Global challenges – Global solutions: The future of work
Posted: 24 June by Jeannette ...
Using Augmented and Virtual Reality in TVET
Posted: 13 May by UNESCO-UNE... | Last reply: 23 June
Career Pathways
Posted: 22 June by Latoya Wil...
Agriculture TVET IRAQ
Posted: 22 June by Marc Vanst...
Call for Innovative Practices for the 2022 ETF New Learning Award
Posted: 17 June by Sarah Elso... | Last reply: 22 June
TVET consultant in Southern Africa
Posted: 21 June by UNESCO YL...
Greener Skills for a Sustainable Workforce
Posted: 16 June by Cristina G... | Last reply: 20 June
Admission Open for Master in TVET Program
Posted: 11 June by Chandra Pr... | Last reply: 16 June
Toolkits for TVET Providers
Posted: 14 June by UNESCO-UNE... | Last reply: 16 June
Success factors for VET in Australia
Posted: 09 May by ali sh []... | Last reply: 16 June
RaiSE Society: Offering Free Virtual Sessions for trainers, students (UG onwards), and leaders
Posted: 10 June by Rajeev jai... | Last reply: 14 June
Job expectations of TVET students
Posted: 08 June by Irvin Rodo... | Last reply: 13 June
Looking for team of experts/consultants for study on future skills requirements in renewable energy and electric vehicles in Indonesia and Viet Nam
Posted: 13 June by Tuan Nguye...
Admission Open for One Year Master in Training and Development
Posted: 11 June by Chandra Pr... | Last reply: 13 June
The development of green skills in ETP in Mexico
Posted: 11 June by Irvin Rodo...
Looking for TVET / employment expert South-East Asia
Posted: 23 May by Kevin Hemp... | Last reply: 10 June
UNESCO-UNEVOC Webinar: Building Digital Competence
Posted: 01 June by UNESCO-UNE... | Last reply: 10 June
Seventh International Conference on Adult Education (CONFINTEA VII)
Posted: 09 June by UNESCO-UNE...
Quick overview of the TVET reform in Egypt
Posted: 09 June by Dr Dr Ahm...
Webinar on Renewable Energies / Webinaire sur les énergies renouvelables
Posted: 04 May by Charles Fl... | Last reply: 30 May
School Enterprise Challenge: Support your students to plan and run a REAL school business, develop 21st century skills, and win prizes!
Posted: 27 May by India Jank... | Last reply: 30 May
Virtual volunteers
Posted: 23 May by Silishi No... | Last reply: 25 May
Learner Mobilization Challenges
Posted: 24 May by Khan Moham... | Last reply: 25 May
Launching Book on Competency-Based Training & Assessment - A paradigm shift in Bangladesh's TVET
Posted: 13 May by Khan Moham... | Last reply: 23 May
Internship or Experience Opportunity to young TVET graduates
Posted: 12 May by Cosme Zins... | Last reply: 21 May
Green Skills Awards 2022 - FINALISTS ANNOUNCED!
Posted: 13 May by Maria Lvov... | Last reply: 19 May
Solutions Summit invitation: Student Recruitment, Job Placement, Education and Retention for the Clean Energy/Green Economy Transition
Posted: 17 May by Debra Rowe... | Last reply: 18 May
Video on the Center on Education and Training for Employment
Posted: 18 May by Marcie Kam...
How to Adapt Education for Employment Programs to a New Reality
Posted: 05 May by Paul Brenn... | Last reply: 17 May
Digital skills for vocational education and training
Posted: 14 May by Elif DEMİR... | Last reply: 16 May
In-company training
Posted: 09 May by Stephen Mu... | Last reply: 13 May
Requesting for fully funded scholarship for masters degree in TVET
Posted: 11 May by NIWAMANYA ... | Last reply: 12 May
Lancement du nouveau Diploma of Advanced Studies en Développement des Compétences - CIFOIT/HEFP
Posted: 10 May by Stefano Me... | Last reply: 11 May
The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Fostering Workplace Integrated Learning at a South African TVET College during Covid-19
Posted: 10 May by Kabwe Chan...
RfQ: TVETipedia Glossary renewal
Posted: 09 May by UNESCO-UNE...
TVET Conceptual Map - Bibliometric Analysis
Posted: 02 May by Stephen Mu... | Last reply: 09 May
JUST PUBLISHED. CVA/ACFP Newsletter,March-April 2022 / Infolettre CVA//ACFP
Posted: 07 May by cvaacfp []...
TVET Gaps in Developing Countries
Posted: 05 May by Moustafa M... | Last reply: 07 May
Use of Open Education Resources in TVET courses
Posted: 05 May by Joseph Mwa... | Last reply: 05 May
Technical education vs Vocational education
Posted: 25 April by Biplab Pau... | Last reply: 04 May
Call for nominations – 2022 UNESCO International Literacy Prizes
Posted: 27 April by Nickola Br... | Last reply: 29 April
TVET education research
Posted: 24 March by Puvendran ... | Last reply: 29 April
UNEVOC webinar on digital skills development in TVET teacher training
Posted: 14 April by UNESCO-UNE... | Last reply: 29 April
Announcing my published book
Posted: 28 April by Randa Hila...
Critical Pedagogy, Critical Internationalisation of Higher Education and the SDGs
Posted: 27 April by Lul Admasa...
A new tool for teachers: Polliebox
Posted: 26 April by Desmond Sp...
UNESCO-UNEVOC Community Platform Survey
Posted: 12 April by UNESCO-UNE... | Last reply: 26 April
Accreditation of TVET programmes and institutions
Posted: 12 October 2020 by Dr. Marcia... | Last reply: 25 April
Mark your calendars for Girls in ICT Day coming up next week!
Posted: 21 April by Cristina G...
Very interesting TVET-related webinar on 3 May
Posted: 20 April by Maarten Sc...
ILO Skills Newsletter 2022
Posted: 12 April by Marina Hum... | Last reply: 19 April
Apprenticeships, S-OJT and SiTUATE
Posted: 08 April by Ronald Jac... | Last reply: 18 April
SDG for Education: Partnership Working between Different Sectors and Neocolonialism
Posted: 02 April by Lul Admasa... | Last reply: 18 April
Professional vs Academic degrees
Posted: 16 April by Dr Dr Ahm...
Exchange schemes to support staff / student mobility
Posted: 13 April by david dixo... | Last reply: 14 April
Work-Based-Learning and Work-Integrated-Learning
Posted: 14 April by Dr Dr Ahm...
Competency-Based vs Subject-Based Curriculum
Posted: 08 April by Dr Dr Ahm... | Last reply: 13 April
Perception on TVET
Posted: 05 April by Arjun Pras... | Last reply: 09 April
Skill Ecosystems and the Informal Sector
Posted: 07 April by Trent Brow... | Last reply: 08 April
Call for Papers for `International Journal of Career Development (5th Edition)`
Posted: 03 April by Fazle Rabb... | Last reply: 07 April
Role of SMEs in Quality Apprenticeship for Skills Development & Creating Employment Opportunities
Posted: 05 April by Amir Radfa...
Consultant - Call for application (TVET - UNESCO HQ in Paris, France)
Posted: 30 March by UNESCO YL... | Last reply: 04 April
Religious Services Training as TVET education
Posted: 01 April by Maqebo Mos...
UNEVOC Quarterly #9 --- Revue trimestrielle #9
Posted: 30 March by UNESCO-UNE...
Publishing with UNEVOC
Posted: 03 March by Mahesh Nat... | Last reply: 29 March
War and Education: new episode of the Skills Factory Podcast
Posted: 29 March by Maria Lvov... | Last reply: 29 March
Positive encouragement for young people to join childcare.
Posted: 27 March by Arlene Kea... | Last reply: 28 March
Nominate/Apply now till Feb 7 for the Women@Dior programme
Posted: 24 January by Pooja Gia... | Last reply: 26 March
Integrating of 21st Century Skills into TVET curriculum
Posted: 22 December 2021 by Said, Ziad... | Last reply: 26 March
UNESCO Prize for Girls’ and Women’s Education
Posted: 22 March by Nickola Br... | Last reply: 23 March
Asia-Pacific Rural Development and Food Security Forum - Deep Dive Session on The Role of Education in Reducing Rural-Urban Divide
Posted: 21 March by UNESCO-UNE... | Last reply: 22 March
Posted: 07 March by Cosme Zins... | Last reply: 10 March
JUST PUBLISHED. CVA/ACFP Newsletter,January-February 2022 / Infolettre CVA//ACFP
Posted: 09 March by cvaacfp []...
UNESCO-UNEVOC TVET Country Profiles update
Posted: 23 February by Max Ehlers... | Last reply: 08 March
5th International Forum on High Technology
Posted: 03 December 2021 by Nadia More... | Last reply: 05 March
Call for Green Skills
Posted: 04 March by Maria Lvov...
Seeking DACUM charts, Standards and Curricula Related to Floriculture
Posted: 02 March by Arthur E. ... | Last reply: 02 March
Structured On-the-Job Training
Posted: 01 March by Ronald Jac... | Last reply: 02 March
Vacancy Announcement: Programme Officer for Inclusion and Youth
Posted: 01 March by Nickola Br... | Last reply: 02 March
Reminder - Connecting TVETs to the Green Economy
Posted: 14 February by Debra Rowe... | Last reply: 28 February
FREE access to the online module Monitoring and Evaluating Progress for Distance and Online Learning for a limited time
Posted: 24 February by Marcie Kam... | Last reply: 28 February
UNESCO - Microsoft Vocational Training Days, 28 Feb - 1 March 2022
Posted: 04 February by Pooja Gia... | Last reply: 25 February
Great Platform
Posted: 25 February by Roble Ayah...
Which Software is missing in TVET?
Posted: 29 December 2021 by Timo Wohli... | Last reply: 18 February
Introduction of new members
Posted: 03 February by Nkeiruka N... | Last reply: 15 February
Build Awareness on International Cooperation / Sensibilisation pour la coopération internationale
Posted: 09 February by Charles Fl...
Call for Presentations - TVET Conference, Swakopmund, Namibia
Posted: 18 January by Amon Haufi... | Last reply: 07 February
Presentation on Sustainability in TVET
Posted: 06 February by Norbert Fu...
Towards Personalized Learning and Career Path: Utilizing Career Readiness and Technology
Posted: 06 February by Mansour Ka...
Highlights of the BILT Learning Forum / BILT Agenda 2025
Posted: 02 February by Alexandra ...
Connecting Higher Education and the Green Economy Community
Posted: 08 January by Debra Rowe... | Last reply: 02 February
JUST PUBLISHED. CVA/ACFP Newsletter,November-December 2021 / Infolettre CVA//ACFP
Posted: 18 January by cvaacfp []...
Developing a new course in international TVET
Posted: 28 October 2021 by Brosnan []... | Last reply: 16 January
Call for Expression of Interest: co-develop and pilot Self-Reflection Tool on NQC
Posted: 14 January by Natalie Ax...
Call for Presentations - TVET Conference, Namibia, Swakopmund 2022
Posted: 12 January by Amon Haufi...
Certification Agency for environmental sector programs to get transnational Validity
Posted: 25 September 2021 by Sankaran K... | Last reply: 10 January
Interior Design Online Course as TVET Introduction
Posted: 22 January 2021 by T. Damian ... | Last reply: 06 January
Season`s greetings and a happy new year
Posted: 20 December 2021 by UNESCO-UNE... | Last reply: 01 January

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