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  Questionnaire: Assessing the effectiveness of Competence Based Training in TVET
Posted: 31 March by Leena- Nel... | Last reply: 31 March, 19:54
  TVET Leadership Training Needs Survey
Posted: 13 March by Ian Rogers... | Last reply: 31 March, 18:08
TVET Leadership Topic Prioritization
Posted: 31 March by Ian Rogers...
DON BOSCO Tech Africa - Tender
Posted: 30 March by Roland Kor...
Proposal Request: Consultant to implement a capacity-building programme as part of UNESCO's BEAR II project
Posted: 27 March by Wouter de ... | Last reply: 30 March
Upgrading skills through ONLINE LEARNING in Emerging Technologies Programs like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Block Chain Technology, Cyber Security and Product Management
Posted: 30 March by Sumeet Nic...
Decision making tools for TVET leaders
Posted: 29 March by Natalie Mc...
How TVET can provide ideas or solutions to address the novel coronavirus crisis
Posted: 28 March by Anam Abbas...
FREE online learning module on the Principles of Competency-based Education from the Center on Education and Training for Employment (CETE) - Ohio State University
Posted: 27 March by Marcie Kam...
Apprenticeship vs Dual apprenticeship
Posted: 26 March by Arjun Pras... | Last reply: 27 March
TVET experts needed for research - Zimbabwe/Rural Africa
Posted: 26 March by Brechtje H...
Further studies in structural steel design in Canada or Germany
Posted: 26 March by onah modes...
TVET quality assurance - best practices
Posted: 12 March by Keletso Ma... | Last reply: 26 March
Social entrepreneurship acceleration programme – BeChangeMaker is back - final in Dublin, Ireland!
Posted: 25 March by Grace Lung...
Remote Learning Toolkit to Quickly Transition Your Course Online
Posted: 25 March by Mansour Ka...
A Practical Guide to Quickly Transition to Online Engagement
Posted: 16 March by Mansour Ka... | Last reply: 24 March
Authority for Accreditation of TVET
Posted: 14 March by Moustafa M... | Last reply: 23 March
Teaching and Learning on the Coronavirus time!!
Posted: 19 March by Dr Ahmed ... | Last reply: 23 March
Beekeeping training packed in Somalia
Posted: 18 March by Abdikarim ... | Last reply: 19 March
Online Course for TVET Teachers
Posted: 15 March by Ken Biddin...
Secrets to Inspire learning (Inspired from Matt Richter_Thiagi Group)
Posted: 15 March by Karthik Sa...
TVET directory Sub-Saharan Africa
Posted: 17 September 2018 by [joe.mark... | Last reply: 13 March
UNESCO Request for proposal: Evaluation of 180 TVET colleges under the framework of 'Zhas Manan' project in Kazakhstan'
Posted: 13 March by Wouter de ... | Last reply: 13 March
Resources on how to turn Research into Results in TVET
Posted: 10 March by James Coll... | Last reply: 13 March
OER: Guide2Innovate to close education-industry gap
Posted: 25 February by Lisa Freib... | Last reply: 13 March
TVET Certification - How to register as TVET International Centre ?
Posted: 08 March by CHANDRASEE... | Last reply: 13 March
The Need to Promote Online Apprenticeship
Posted: 12 March by Lul Admasa... | Last reply: 12 March
Vocational/Technical workshop/lab area and lay out of machine
Posted: 25 February by Biplab Pau... | Last reply: 12 March
Green TVET
Posted: 08 March by Moustafa M... | Last reply: 12 March
Seeking Alliance for TVET on renewable energy
Posted: 04 March by Ngo Abdula... | Last reply: 12 March
Does Competency-based Curriculum fits into the Formal Initial TVET diploma qualification?
Posted: 12 March by Dr Ahmed ...
TVET systems for Africa
Posted: 20 February by Kansiime Z... | Last reply: 11 March
CBET and Formal Initial TVET
Posted: 10 March by Dr Ahmed ...
Call for Papers: IVETA Europe Regional Conference in Spain (May 2020)
Posted: 10 February by Julian Ng... | Last reply: 09 March
Future of Jobs and TVET
Posted: 05 March by Dr Ahmed ... | Last reply: 09 March
Solar TVET Experts
Posted: 03 March by Ugochukwu ... | Last reply: 05 March
Skills Gap eradicate : Start up a training center in Industry
Posted: 02 March by Biplab Pau... | Last reply: 05 March
Collaborative learning in TVET
Posted: 03 March by Anam Abbas... | Last reply: 04 March
Smart Techonologies towards further TVET In Africa
Posted: 18 February by Arthea Die... | Last reply: 04 March
Preparing for the digital age - good practices from Asia
Posted: 02 March by Karina Vea... | Last reply: 03 March
Room designs and modules in cosmetology, plumbing, personal assistants, call center, landscaping and electrical installations
Posted: 01 March by Irene Wage... | Last reply: 02 March
European Apprentices Network is looking for new members
Posted: 10 February by Wouter de ... | Last reply: 02 March
TVET & Assessment Matrix Process
Posted: 27 February by ...
Funding for youth empowerment programme
Posted: 25 February by Julius Ayo... | Last reply: 26 February
Lecturer qualification in vocational education
Posted: 20 January by Neville R... | Last reply: 25 February
Scholarships For Masters Program In TVET
Posted: 24 February by Damilola F...
New digital platform on skills and lifelong learning
Posted: 12 February by Maria Lvov... | Last reply: 21 February
Fomation en Pilotage et Gestion de l'EFTP de l'IIPE-Dakar
Posted: 03 February by Khalil bah... | Last reply: 19 February
Appel à Candidature - formation PGEFTP (Afrique)
Posted: 31 January by Jean Hauti... | Last reply: 19 February
Occupational/Skills Training for persons with disabilities
Posted: 18 February by J M Deurwa...
Appel à Candidature - Ètude de Faisbilité en Guinée
Posted: 05 February by Steffen Gr... | Last reply: 18 February
Consultancy Firm for Development of Courses on Travel and Tourism Education for Maldives Polytechnic
Posted: 16 February by Ahmed Nasi...
Consultancy Firm for Development of Courses on ICT Education for Maldives Polytechnic
Posted: 16 February by Ahmed Nasi...
TVET enrollment for lower score achiever
Posted: 14 February by Arjun Pras...
Call for Papers: Governing Human Capital Development for transition to climate action economies
Posted: 12 February by Maria Lvov... | Last reply: 14 February
1st International Conference on Innovation and Learning - Nomination in Advisory and Technical Committee
Posted: 04 February by Randhir Si... | Last reply: 13 February
TVET and liberal system of education
Posted: 09 February by Arjun Pras... | Last reply: 12 February
OfP's TVET Initiatives
Posted: 12 February by M Rabiul I...
DON BOSCO Tech Africa - Quality Manual TVET Centre Management - Call for applications
Posted: 19 December 2019 by Roland Kor... | Last reply: 12 February
Difference between TVET and academia
Posted: 20 December 2019 by Arjun Pras... | Last reply: 11 February
Higher National Vocational Certificate & Diploma Courses
Posted: 24 January by Sumeet Nic... | Last reply: 10 February
Oil and Gas job profiles
Posted: 02 February by haleni Rog... | Last reply: 08 February
Inspection and Assessment of TVET Institutions
Posted: 04 February by Moustafa M... | Last reply: 08 February
Enhancing the image of vocational skills through marketing
Posted: 05 February by Biplab Pau... | Last reply: 06 February
Swiss VET Expertise: New courses of the Swiss International VET Academy Programme of SFIVET
Posted: 03 February by Jenna Rand... | Last reply: 05 February
Consultancy to Develop a National Skills Development Master Plan for TVET Authority of Maldives
Posted: 05 February by Ahmed Nasi...
Skills for Social Inclusion - ITCILO Course
Posted: 05 February by Manuela Di...
TVET in Industrial Agricultural and 4.0 IR: Challenge and Opportunity
Posted: 03 February by Biplab Pau...
[L&W] Latest news on European research in learning and work - February 2020
Posted: 03 February by Sabine Man...
Employability Skills Training in TVET
Posted: 21 January by Joseph Mwa... | Last reply: 03 February
Training of Youth Living with Disabilities
Posted: 19 January by Irene Wage... | Last reply: 02 February
UNESCO Vacancy - Senior Project Officer (Education) P4 for the Kazakhstan’s “Zhas Maman” project
Posted: 21 January by Kenneth Ba... | Last reply: 01 February
Career and technical Education in Ghana
Posted: 29 January by Latoya Wil...
Any Makerspace (and Makers) To Visit In Cairo, Egypt & Kigali, Rwanda?
Posted: 20 January by Damilola F... | Last reply: 27 January
Online survey on Blended Learning in TVET
Posted: 23 January by Ugochukwu ... | Last reply: 27 January
DACUM Training Sessions at Ohio State University for 2020
Posted: 08 January by John Moser... | Last reply: 26 January
Instructional Preparation Time as a Factor of Instructional Delivery Time
Posted: 23 January by T. Damian ... | Last reply: 23 January
TVET and Employment for Marginalized and Disadvantaged Youth Projects in Developing Countries
Posted: 28 August 2010 by moustafa w... | Last reply: 21 January
Greetings - happy new year
Posted: 04 January by Arjun Pras... | Last reply: 20 January
Requesting guidelines and plans for private training providers
Posted: 17 January by Dan Baffou... | Last reply: 18 January
Conducting innovative business plan competition
Posted: 22 December 2019 by Anam Abbas... | Last reply: 13 January
Last Chance to register for FREE VET event in London 15th January
Posted: 13 January by Rebecca Da...
Performance of TVET Instructors / Trainers / Teachers
Posted: 08 January by Moustafa M...
Skills Development of Renewable Energy Workforce
Posted: 05 January by Moustafa M... | Last reply: 08 January
Just published! The CVA-ACFP Newsletter, Nov-Dec 2019 - Infolettre de l'ACFP
Posted: 05 January by cvaacfp [c...

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