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UNESCO Publications


Below you can find a selection of UNESCO publications that are relevant in the context of TVET. For the full catalogue, please use the UNESCO Digital library.

Highlights UNESCO TVET Survey 2004

A UNESCO International meeting of Technical and Vocational Education and Training Experts
Powerpoint presentation highlighting results of survey on TVET systems in UNESCO Member States

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Education, Conflict and Social Cohesion

Is schooling a potential catalyst for the outbreak of identity-based conflict? How can education contribute to social and civic reconstruction? Education, Conflict and Social Cohesion explores these questions in conflict-affected societies as diverse ...

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Learning for life: a guide to family health and life skills education for teachers and students

Guidebook for teachers/students on sexual health and life skills education in the context of HIV/AIDS

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Global Education Digest 2004

Comparing Education Statistics Across the World
The Global Education Digest 2004: Comparing Education Statistics Across the World is the second in an annual series of UIS global statistical reports that provides the latest key education indicators from early childhood to higher education. It is a ...

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Inter-Agency Working Group on Life Skills in EFA

At the World Conference on Education for All, Jomtien, 1990, the international society raised concerns about the relevance of education and particularly for the need to focus on appropriate life skills for all learners from all parts of the world. Jo ...

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Education for All: The Quality Imperative: Summary

EFA Global Monitoring Report 2005
The third report of this type prepared by the EFA Global Monitoring Report Team to assess the progress made since the adoption of the 'Dakar Framework for Action' in 2000. The focus of this reports relates to Goal 6 (Quality) of the Dakar Framework ...

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Transparency in education

Report Card in BangladeshQuality Schools Programme in Mexico
This book comprises two studies on successful experiences in improving transparency and accountability in the use of educational resources: The Report Card survey implemented in Bangladesh used participatory diagnosis to facilitate the location an ...

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Learning for Work, Citizenship and Sustainability (Background paper)

Programme - Working Groups, Bonn, Germany, 25-28 October 2004- Learning for Skills Development- Transition to the World of WorkA UNESCO International Meeting of Technical and Vocational Education and Training Experts
Background paper for the working groups

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Recommitting to Adult Education and Learning

Synthesis Report of the CONFINTEA V Midterm Review Meeting; September 6-11, 2003 Bangkok, Thailand
The Midterm Review of the Fifth International Conference on Adult Education (CONFINTEA V) brought together over three hundred representatives of Member States, including ministers and senior-level officials, and agencies of the United Nations sys ...

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Empowering youth through national policies

Unesco's contribution
This publication is a direct response to several Member States’ request for assistance in formulating and developing a national youth policy in order to adequately respond to young people’s needs and concerns and to promote substantial youth partic ...

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Changing Teaching Practices

Using curriculum differentiation to respond to students´ diversity
The report provides concrete tools on how teachers can modify their methods to that all learners, regardless of their abilities, disabilities or background, can benefit at a maximum from their schooling.

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COMEST Extraordinary Session 14-15 May 2004

This extraordinary session of the World Commission on the Ethics of Scientific Knowledge and Technology was an opportunity to introduce the new Members to UNESCO and the Commission and to discuss the future work plans of COMEST and the means of imple ...

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Agencies for International Cooperation in Technical and Vocational Education and Training

A Guide to Sources of Information
This guide provides an overview of sources of Official Development Assistance by the 22 member states of the Development Assistance Committee (DAC) of the OECD. Its focus is on technical and vocational education and training. An interactive online v ...

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Report on the UNEVOC Centres Network Meeting Learning for Work, Citizenship and Sustainability

Bonn, Germany, 29 October 2004
On the final day of the conference "Learning for Work, Citizenship and Sustainability", participants from UNEVOC Centres met to discuss implications for their work. The network meeting was held on 29 October 2004, following the UNESCO International E ...

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The Bonn Declaration on Learning for Work, Citizenship and Sustainability

UNESCO International Meeting of Technical and Vocational Education and Training Experts. Bonn, Germany, 25 to 28 October 2004
The Bonn Declaration on Learning for Work, Citizenship and Sustainability defines the role and contribution of TVET to sustainable development. The Declaration was formulated on the final day of the International Experts meeting in Bonn, 25 to 28 O ...

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Normative Instruments on Technical and Vocational Education

Booklet combining UNESCO's normative instruments on TVET: - Revised Recommendation concerning Technical and Vocational Education (2001, "Seoul Congress"); - Convention on Technical and Vocational Education (1989);

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Regional Expert Meeting on TVET Project Development in the Arab States

The UNESCO Regional Office - Beirut and UNESCO-UNEVOC International Centre developed an initiative called "Promoting Regional Co-operation in Technical and Vocational Education and Training in the Arab States" to stimulate regional co-operation for t ...

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The Use of ICTs in Technical and Vocational Education and Training. Analytical Survey

The analytical survey was prepared within the framework of the project Information and Communication Technologies in Technical and Vocational Education and Training launched by the UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education in 2002. ...

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Education in a multilingual world

UNESCO Education Position Paper
This document aims to clarify some of the key concepts and issues that surround the debate and presents in a simplified and synthetic form the many declarations and recommendations that have made reference to the issues of languages and education. Th ...

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UNESCO Draft Programme and Budget 2004-2005

32 C/5 General Conference Thirty-second Session, Paris 2003

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Genre et Éducation pour tous - le pari de l'égalité

Résumé du rapport mondial de suivi sur l'EPT 2003/04
All countries have pledged to eliminate gender disparities in primary and secondary education by 2005. This was decided at the World Education Forum in Dakar in 2000, a year when a significant majority of the 104 million children in primary school we ...

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Intergovernmental Council of the International Programme for the Development of Communication

Twenty-third session, Paris, 26-28 March 2003: Final Report
Report of the meeting of the Intergovernmental Council of the International Programme for the Development of Communication

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