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UNESCO Publications


Below you can find a selection of UNESCO publications that are relevant in the context of TVET. For the full catalogue, please use the UNESCO Digital library.

The Use of ICTs in Technical and Vocational Education and Training. Analytical Survey

The analytical survey was prepared within the framework of the project Information and Communication Technologies in Technical and Vocational Education and Training launched by the UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education in 2002. ...

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Education in a multilingual world

UNESCO Education Position Paper
This document aims to clarify some of the key concepts and issues that surround the debate and presents in a simplified and synthetic form the many declarations and recommendations that have made reference to the issues of languages and education. Th ...

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UNESCO Draft Programme and Budget 2004-2005

32 C/5 General Conference Thirty-second Session, Paris 2003

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Genre et Éducation pour tous - le pari de l'égalité

Résumé du rapport mondial de suivi sur l'EPT 2003/04
All countries have pledged to eliminate gender disparities in primary and secondary education by 2005. This was decided at the World Education Forum in Dakar in 2000, a year when a significant majority of the 104 million children in primary school we ...

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Intergovernmental Council of the International Programme for the Development of Communication

Twenty-third session, Paris, 26-28 March 2003: Final Report
Report of the meeting of the Intergovernmental Council of the International Programme for the Development of Communication

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HIV/AIDS & Education: A strategic approach

This paper presents an authoritative overview of the relationship between HIV/AIDS and the education sector. Set against the backcloth of international commitments, actions and targets, it looks at what is know about the impact of HIV/AIDS on educat ...

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Information and communication technologies in technical and vocational education and training

Expert meeting - 26-27 April 2002, IITE, Moscow - Final Report and Selected Materials

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Never again: Educational reconstruction in Rwanda

The book traces the remarkable efforts in Rwanda to reconstruct the national education system after the 1994 genocide, and to right the wrongs of long decades of discrimination, exclusion and divisiveness practiced in schools. A unique feature of Rw ...

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Gender and Education for All: The Leap to Equality; Summary Report

EFA Global Monitoring report, 2003/4
All countries have pledged to eliminate gender disparities in primary and secondary education by 2005. This was agreed at the World Education Forum in Dakar in 2000, a year when a significant major8ity of the 104 million children not in primary scho ...

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Genre et Éducation pour tous - le pari de l'égalité

EFA Global Monitoring Report 2003/4

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The Interaction between Democracy and Development

Executive Summary
In 1998, the Director-General of UNESCO established the International Panel on Democracy and Development (IPDD) to advise the Organization on shaping its future programme with more emphasis on the principles of democracy and development. Over a perio ...

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Situation Analysis of Education in Iraq

The aim of the present report is to give an overview of the Iraqi education system and the major issues confronting it, on the basis of the Organisation’s own observations in the country, the data collected and analysis of other sources. The observ ...

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Achieving the educational goals

Regional report - Summit of the Americas
The goals set by the Summit of the Americas in the area of education speak to central concerns that are linked both with guaranteeing the fundamental human rights of all people and with investing in the harmonious and equitable development of our co ...

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Education for Rural Development

Brochure about the functions, activities and resources of the UNESCO organization INRULED (International Research and Training Centre for Rural Education).

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Critical issues in Education for All

gender, parity, emergencies
A report from the The International Working Group on Education (IWGE) on its meeting in Tuusula, Finland, from 23 to 25 June 2003. The themes discussed at the meeting were: Recent trends in education aid policies and practices; Increasing girls' par ...

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Surviving School. Education for refugee children from Rwanda, 1994-1996

This book outlines tow case studies - Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (Formerly Zaire) - on education for refugees fleeing the genocide in Rwanda. It investigates the often difficult process of establishing education programmes aga ...

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HIV/AIDS and education: report of a consultation

Report of a consultation, 4 to 6 March 2003, Kigali, Rwanda
U N E S C O convened a consultation on HIV/AIDS and education from 4 to 6 March 2003 in Kigali, Rwanda. The consultation was hosted by the Kigali Institute of Science, Technology and Management (KIST). It brought together senior officials from the fo ...

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Making Lifelong Learning a Reality

IIEP / UNESCO - KRIVET International Policy Seminar, Seoul, 24 -26 June 2003

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Team of Experts Meeting on the Regional Initiative for Developing TVET Projects in the Arab States

Final Report 11 -13 December 2002
The purpose of the meeting as follows: * strengthen mutual collaboration among Arab States and UNEVOC in developing and planning TVET projects * identify priorities of collaboration and suggest new TVET projects * prepare proposals on TVET deve ...

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Implementing UNESCO/ILO Recommendations for Technical and Vocational Education and Training

The objectives of this seminar, organised by UNESCO in collaboration with the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE), with the participation of the ILO, were to: familiarise high-level national education policymakers from participating countri ...

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50 years UNESCO Institute for Education

Towards an Opening Learning World
It introduces the history and missions of UNESCO Institute for Education

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Auf dem Weg zu einer lernenden Welt

50 Jahre UNESCO-Institut fuer Paedagogik
Neue „Metaphysik“ betriebswirtschaftlich managerialen Denkens Ulrich Bröckling: „Hegemonie des managerialen Denkens in nahezu allen Lebensbereichen“ inzwischen werden „nicht nur Wirtschaftsunternehmen gemanagt, sondern auch die Karriere ...

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Technical and Vocational Education and Training in the Twenty-First Century

New roles and Challenges for Guidance and Counselling
This outline review of issues for the UNESCO TVET strategy covers the crucial normative dimension of skills, capacities and qualifications; the role of new upstream policy analytic work on skills development; the concerns with capacity, critical ma ...

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Legal texts on National Commissions for UNESCO

et up by their respective governments in accordance with the Article VII of the UNESCO Constitution, the National Commissions operate, on a permanent basis, for the purpose of associating their governmental and non-governmental bodies in education, s ...

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Database Issue: Women's Access to Credit and Rural Micro-finance in India

The UN Inter-Agency Working Group on Gender and Development, 2002. Data and recommended approaches to access impact of intervention on poverty and empowerment through rural micro-financing in India.

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