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UNESCO Publications


Below you can find a selection of UNESCO publications that are relevant in the context of TVET. For the full catalogue, please use the UNESCO Digital library.

Medium-Term Strategy 2002 - 2007 (31 C/4)

Contributing to peace and human develeopment in an era of globalization through education, the sciences, culture and communication

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Reintegration of War-Affected Youth and Children in Post-Conflict Settings: A framework for intervention programmes

The present paper is an attempt to understand the complex issues involved in rebuilding educational systems in post-conflict settings and to draw a framework for intervention programmes aimed at supporting educational reconstruction efforts.

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Data Collection and System Monitoring in Early Childhood Programs

The purpose of this paper is to offer practical guidelines to those interested in collecting accurate and useful information about early childhood services in a particular country or region. The guidelines presented focus on two areas of particular ...

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Teacher education guidelines : Using Open and Distance Learning

Technology - Curriculum - Cost - Evaluation
The Guidelines set forth in this document are intended for use principally by senior and middle-management education officers in Education Ministries and teacher training institutions who are daily called upon to make hard choices in how to expand ...

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Manual of the General Conference

2002 edition including texts and amendments adopted by the General Conference at its 31st session (Paris, 2001)

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Regional Expert Meeting on TVET Project Development in the Arab States

Beirut, Lebanon, 11-13 December 2002 - Final Report
Report of Workshop on TVET Project Development in the Arab States The UNESCO Regional Office for Education in the Arab States – Beirut and the UNESCO International Centre for Technical and Vocational Educational and Training (UNESCO-UNEVOC Inte ...

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Early Childhood Care and Education and other Family Policies and Programs in South-East Asia

This is a report on early childhood care and education (ECCE) and other family support policies and programs1 in seven ASEAN countries. It draws primarily on background country reports prepared by officials in these countries for submission to a sub ...

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UNESCO-IBE Education Thesaurus

Most recent edition (sixth ed., 2nd rev., 2007)
The UNESCO-IBE Education Thesaurus is an important indexing tool in the education field. Its descriptors are used for indexing materials in the electronic catalogue IBEDOCS, and the Thesaurus is the principal tool in many educational documentation ce ...

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IIEP Medium Term Plan

Education is not only a human right – it is the critical factor that links all the items on the international development agenda: reducing poverty, promoting health, sharing technology, protecting the environment, advancing gender equality, extendi ...

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UNESCO-CEPES Position Paper on the Further Development of Higher Education in Southeast Europe

The paper illustrates UNESCO-CEPES's strategies for the futher development of higher education in Southeast Europe.

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Lernziel Weltoffenheit

Fuenfizig lange Jahre Deutsche Mitarbeit in der UNESCO
Am 11. Juli 1951 trat die Bundesrepublik Deutschland der UNESCO bei. Damit endete die geistige Isolation, in die Deutschland durch die Nazidiktatur geraten war. Seither ist die Mitarbeit in der UNESCO fester Bestandteil der deutschen Auswärtigen K ...

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Selected Documents on Learning for Life, Work and the Future

Stimulating Reform in Southern Africa through Sub-Regional Cooperation
At UNESCO’s Second International Congress on Technical and Vocational Education, which was held in the Republic of Korea in 1999, participants had adopted a range of recommendations concerning the development and improvement of technical and voca ...

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The right to education. An analysis of UNESCO's standard-setting instruments

This publication brings into prominence the scope and the richness of UNESCO's normative action. Readers of the publication will find in it necessary elements to fully appreciate the work of the Organization in this field. From a standpoint, the anal ...

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Dialogue among civilizations

The Round Table on the Eve of the United Nations Millenium Summit
The United Nations, indeed the entire global community,observed the year 2001 as United Nations Year for Dialogue among Civilizations. This book captures the essence of what was an important starting point for the year in stimulating global discussio ...

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Education in and for conflict

Éduquer dans et pour le conflit (2001-2010 International decade for a culture of peace and non-violence for the children of the world)

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Medium Term Plan 2002-2007

In this Medium-Term Plan, the International Institute for Educational Planning provides an overview of the key issues educational planners and managers have to address over the coming years: which social inequities are the most glaring and which tr ...

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Learntec: 9th European congress and Trade Fair for Educational and Information Technology

Report on the proceedings of the 9th European congress and trade fair for educational and information technology, featuring an official cooperation between learntec and UNESCO. During the congress, UNESCO organised a 4-day workshop on distance learn ...

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Normative Instruments concerning Technical and Vocational Education

Revised recommendation concerning Technical and Vocational Education (2001) Convention on Technical and Vocational Education (1989)
Booklet combining UNESCO's normative instruments on TVET: - Revised Recommendation concerning Technical and Vocational Education (2001, "Seoul Congress"); - Convention on Technical and Vocational Education (1989);

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Thematical Studies: The use of new technologies and systems of profitable teaching in basic education

Passer en revue l'utilisation des technologies de l'information et de la communication au service de l'éducation de base suppose qu'on accepte trois postulats. Le premier, c'est qu'il n'existe, dans la pratique, aucune alternative à l'école primai ...

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The Encounter between HIV/AIDS and Education

Focusing principally on Eastern and Southern Africa and using Zambia as a case study, this report sets out to examine the two aspects, what HIV/AIDS can do to education and what education can do to HIV/AIDS. It finds that education has a key role in ...

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Reports - Programme Commissions, Administrative Commission, Legal Committee

Records of the General Conference, 30th Session, Paris 26 October - 17 November 1999 - Volume 2

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The right to education - Towards education for all throughout life

World education report 2000
The World Education Report 2000’s focus on education as a basic human right is a fitting choice for the International Year for the Culture of Peace. Education is one of the principal means to build the ‘defences of peace’ in the minds of men and w ...

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Literacy Skills for the World of Tomorrow

Further Results From PISA 2000
Report on the OECD Programme for International Student Assessment: The OECD Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) provides some answers to these questions. It assesses the extent to which students, who are near the end of compulsory ...

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Cadre d'action de Dakar - L'éducation pour tous : tenir nos engagements collectivs

Adopté par le Forum mondial sur l'éducation - Dakar, Sénégal, 26-28 avril 2000Avec les sic cadres d'action régionaux
The contents of this publication : The Dakar Framework for Action Expanded Commentary (introduction, achievements and challenges, goals, strategies) Regional frameworks for action (Sub-Saharn Africa, The Americas, The Arab States, Asia and the Pac ...

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