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UNESCO Publications


Below you can find a selection of UNESCO publications that are relevant in the context of TVET. For the full catalogue, please use the UNESCO Digital library.

Functional Literacy, Workplace Literacy and Technical and Vocational Education: Interface and Policy Perspectives

All societies develop suitable institutional arrangements for the delivery of “Education and Training for Work” in order to reproduce a skilled labour force for their socio-economic development. This study analyses concepts, curriculum, delivery pa ...

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New Training Technologies

This document discusses the reasons why new training technologies (NTT) may be used in technical and vocational education and training and provides information on how NTT can be used in group and individual learning. A methodology is then suggested t ...

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Training Handbook and Reference Guide for Evaluators of Educational Qualification, Credentials and Academic Documents

New Papers on Higher Education / Meeting Documents (7)
Publication about academic mobility and to facilitate the international comparison and reasearch in the field of Higher Education.

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Déclaration et cadre d'action intégré concernant L'Éducation pour la Paix, les Droits de l'Homme et la Démocratie

Déclaration de la 44e session de la Conférence Internationale de l'Éducation entérinée par la Conférence Générale de l'UNESCO à sa 28e session
Declaration and Integrated Framework of Action on Education for Peace, Human Rights and Democracy

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UNESCO faces the 21st century

An invitation to dialogue
The booklet, prepared by the Association of Former Unesco Staff, presents new proposals for Unesco's growth and development.

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A history of UNESCO

UNESCO Reference Books

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Studies #04. New Perspectives on Assessment

Assessment is vital in vocational education. Today new challenges have arisen in this field which traditional approaches are failing to address. This study highlights four issues: a) the connections between assessment and learning; b) the need to foc ...

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The Role of Technical and Vocational Education in the Education System of the Russian Federation.

A Country Case Study
This document describes in detail the situation in the Russian Federation and illustrates the considerable difficulties encountered by a technical and vocational education system in a country undergoing radical economic change

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Studies #03 A Guide for Evaluation of Technical and Vocational Education Curricula

The purpose of this guide is to help people evaluate technical and vocational education curricula. It describes the purpose, objectives, organization and concepts of evaluation. The document contains description of procedure, checklists and forms whi ...

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Financement et régulation de la formation professionnelle : une analyse comparée

Développement des ressources humains : Nouvelles tendances dans l'enseignement technique et professionnel
Book about financing of training and education including a comparative analysis.

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Case Studies to accompany Guide Book for Curriculum Development and Adaptation.

Case Studies to accompany Guide Book for Curriculum Development and Adaptation (see Publication ID 407): Australia; Bangladesh; China; India; Malaysia; New Zealand; Pakistan

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World Education Report 1993

Overcoming the knowledge gap - Expanding educational choice - Searching for standards
The basci theme of the 1993 report is 'education in a world of adjustment and change'.

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World Directory of Teacher-Training Institutions

Répertoire Mondial des Institutions de Formation d'Enseigenments
Listing more than 170 countries and over 5000 institutions this directory is a resource guide. Information provided facilitates access to national government agencies, professional associations and college and university - level institutions devoted ...

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UNESCO Worldwide Action in Education

Better education today for a better world tomorrow
This document was produced as part of the observance of International Literacy Year, 1990. Divided into four parts, the first part, "Priorities," is a discussion of the observance and UNESCO's 1990 International Literacy Year, priorities for 1990-95 ...

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International Workshop on Curriculum Development in Technical and Vocational Education

Final Report
The report reviews and analyzes the existing practices in the design, implementation and evaluation of technical and vocational curriculum, particularly in the development of competency-based curriculum. Some common trends and successful practices, b ...

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International Understanding at School

No. 63/64; No. 65/66; No. 67; No. 68

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Éducation, formation et emploi

Actes du colloque européen en Poitou-Charentes
En matière d'éducation, la Région met en place des dispositifs qui contribuent à l'égalité d'accès et confortent le pouvoir d'achat des familles (chèques livres et équipement professionnel de rentrée, fonds social régional, aide au soutien ...

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Education for All : An Expanded View

Roundtable Themes II - World Conference on Education for All, Jomtien, Thailand (World Conference on Education for All monographs)
Contents: An overview of the expanded vision Gender issues in access, equity and learning outcomes Enhancing the environment of learning : early childhood education, health and nutrition Improving primary education Alternative Delivery Systems : ...

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Education for All : Purpose and Context

Roundtable Themes I - World Conference on Education for All, Jomtien, Thailand (World Conference on Education for All monographs)
Contents: Why education for all? Understanding culture : a precondition for effective learning Towards univeral literacy : a review of experiences The impact of technological change on needs for basic knowledge and skills The contribution of edu ...

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