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UNEVOC Centres celebrate World Youth Skills Day

On the occasion of World Youth Skills Day a number of UNEVOC Centres and technical and vocational education and training (TVET) institutions organized activities which raised awareness of the importance of investing in youth skills as a means of promoting employment and sustainable development. Below are examples of how some UNEVOC Centres marked the day.

Empowering young people through skills development - Bhutan

Department of Human Resources, Ministry of Labour and Human Resources, Bhutan

UNEVOC Centre since: 1999

The Department of Human Resources celebrated World Youth Skills Day by organizing a programme under the theme of 1+1=0 (One Youth, One Skill, Zero Dependence). The event provided an opportunity for stakeholders, including one hundred and forty-nine youth and ninety-four parents, to discuss how to facilitate school-to-work transitions for young students. A first of its kind in Bhutan, the event was a collaborative effort between the Royal Body Guards (RBG) and the Department of Human Resources and will be continued in other camps across the country in the future.

Part of the UNEVOC Centre’s celebrations included a televised panel discussion. The discussion was broadcast on national television and panelists representing the Ministry of Labour and Human Resources and graduates of Technical Training Institutes discussed ways to empower youth through skills development and presented a number of activities in Bhutan which aim to do this, including the organization of various skills competitions.

Social media activities facilitate knowledge sharing - Mexico

National College of Professional Technical Education (CONALEP), Mexico

UNEVOC Centre since: 2015

The National College of Professional Technical Education (CONALEP) organized a number of activities which discussed ways to strengthen TVET to empower students and ensure that they get the necessary tools, skills and attitudes required by the private sector to develop personally and professionally in a globalized world. CONALEP posted throughout the day on their social networks on topics such as youth employment and gender equality, and also shared success stories from students and programmes that have had a positive impact on society.

In total, more than thirty posts were made available on Twitter and Facebook, and the messages facilitated knowledge sharing between students, teachers, other staff and the general public, and helped raise awareness of the importance of youth skills development.

Promoting entrepreneurial skills for self-employment - Niger

Ecole Polytechnique de Niamey (EPN), Niger

UNEVOC Centre since: 2012

The Ecole Polytechnique de Niamey (EPN) organized an exposition and seminars for young people around the topics of solar energy, video technology, electrical work and automation, and information and communication technology (ICT). Under the theme of “Development of competences for better employability”, the programme successfully brought together stakeholders from the private sector, the national employment agency and the national social security fund, as well as a large number of young people.

The EPN's activities for World Youth Skills Day also included an exposition on technical solutions presented by the Groupe BENALYA, as well as seminars on CCTV, solar energy, electrical automation, access and networking.

The seminars discussed the opportunities TVET gives to young people, how it contributes to personal development and empowers youth to become active citizens. One of the messages from the day stressed the importance of promoting entrepreneurial skills for self-employment.

A youtube video of the Centre's activity can be accessed here.

Youth skills development to address youth unemployment – Nigeria

Centre for Technical Vocational Education, Training & Research, University of Nigeria (Nsukka), Nigeria

UNEVOC Centre since: 2007

The University of Nigeria (Nsukka) celebrated World Youth Skills Day by holding lectures and visiting secondary schools with the aim of informing students about the role of TVET to address issues related to youth unemployment. The UNEVOC Centre also organized an exhibition and lectures providing career guidance for students. In the run-up to World Youth Skills Day, the University of Nigeria went on a local radio station to raise awareness of what the day means and the discussions focused on youth unemployment, poverty and hunger.

A paper entitled "PROSPECTS OF TVET: TOWARDS ADDRESSING YOUTH UNEMPLOYMENT IN NIGERIA" was presented on the day and can be found here.

Yaba College of Technology, Nigeria

UNEVOC Centre since: 1995

Over 1500 students attended an event organized by Yaba College of Technology, which included youth skills demonstrations in music and dancing. Mr Alibaba, a foremost Nigerian comedian, also attended the event which was covered by the main media outlets in Nigeria.

The official website of the event is still online and an exhaustive report has been published.

Acquiring skills to overcome poverty and provide livelihoods - Paraguay

Fundación Paraguaya, Paraguay

UNEVOC Centre since: 2013

The Fundación Paraguaya joined the celebrations by running a number of events that brought together youth and TVET stakeholders. One of the activities organized was a photo exhibition on social media showcasing agricultural technical skills. The photo exhibition also demonstrated how TVET empowers young people to acquire skills to overcome poverty and become change actors. Students of the San Francisco Agricultural School in Cerrito also participated in an engaging day of talks and training, where they learned about entrepreneurship. Lastly, the Fundación Paraguaya shared a video of a teacher training workshop that was conducted in June. Representatives of the Ministry of Education and Culture, the Ministry of Agriculture, local pedagogic supervisors, and the Executive Director of TVET Academy were present to show support in this project.

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