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Access publications that have been submitted to us by UNEVOC Centres or have been produced in collaboration with them.

Initial training for VET teachers: a portrait within a larger canvas

This report examines initial vocational education and training (VET) teacher training. It focuses specifically on teachers in institutional settings, particularly public and private VET registered training organisations (RTOs). The present project se ...

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Vocational Training Regulations and the Process Behind Them

This brochure informs readers about Germany’s unique process for developing initial vocational training regulations. These regulations are the basis for initial vocational education and training within the dual system (a company-based apprenticeshi ...

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Kompetenzorientierung in der beruflichen Bildung

Die Debatte um den Kompetenzbegriff und dessen Bedeutung für Forschung und Praxis der Berufsbildung hat in den letzten Jahren eine starke Aufmerksamkeit erfahren. Kompetenzforschung soll Handlungsmöglichkeiten eröffnen, um vielfältigen Anforderun ...

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Prüfungen und Zertifizierungen in der beruflichen Bildung

Anforderungen - Instrumente - Forschungsbedarfs
Der Sammelband dokumentiert einen Experten-Workshop der Arbeitsgemeinschaft Berufsbildungsforschungsnetz (AG BFN). Dabei ging es zum einen um den aktuellen wissenschaftlichen Forschungsstand, zum anderen um noch offene Fragen zu Prüfung und Zertifiz ...

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TVET policy reviews of 8 Asian countries

This comparison of technical and vocational education and training (TVET) policy in eight Asian countries begins by examining the demographics and social, cultural and political contexts of each country. Employment and the labour market, including mi ...

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A short history of initial VET teacher training

This paper examines initial VET teacher training from the late 1979s to the present, based on the literature and the author's personal experiences. While much has changed, many of the issues and approaches that are apparent in the early literature re ...

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40 Jahre BiBB

40 Jahre Forschen, Berate, Zukunft gestalten
Im Jahr 2010 feiert das Bundesinstitut für Berufsbildung (BIBB) sein 40-jähriges Bestehen. Die Festschrift „40 Jahre BIBB: 40 Jahre Forschen – Beraten – Zukunft gestalten“ lädt auf eine Zeitreise durch 40 Jahre Berufsbildung und Institutsg ...

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Kosten und Nutzen der dualen Ausbildung aus Sicht der Betriebe

Ergebnisse der vierten BIBB-Kosten-Nutzen-Erhebung
Wie hoch schätzen Betriebe das Kosten-Nutzen-Verhältnis der Ausbildung ein? Das Bundesinstitut für Berufsbildung (BIBB) befragte rund 3.000 Ausbildungsbetriebe zu den Kosten und den Nutzen, zur Übernahme von Auszubildenden und zu den Ausbildungsm ...

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Kompetenzermittlung für die Berufsbildung

Verfahren, Probleme und Perspektiven im nationalen, europäischen und internationalen Raum
Die europäische Diskussion um Qualifikationsrahmen sowie informelle und non-formale Lernprozesse setzen das deutsche Modell der Berufsbildung unter Zugzwang. Vor diesem Hintergrund rückt besonders die Diskussion um Kompetenzen und der wissenschaftl ...

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Journal of Technical Education and Training (JTET)

The Journal of Technical Education and Training (JTET) is a peer reviewed journal that publishes twice a year (June and December) on articles concerning Technical & Vocational Education and Training (TVET) practices in both the formal and informal s ...

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Modernizing Vocational Education and Training

BIBB - International Advisory Services
Globalization, increasing international competition, changes in the demographic development and in the requirements of the labour market are the main challenges for vocational education and training. Many countries have realized the need for developm ...

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Recognition of prior learning in the vocational education and training sector

This report identifies and analyses what drives and what creates barriers to effective implementation of recognition of prior learning (RPL). It has been prepared to provide advice to the National Training Quality Council on how best to support regis ...

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Africa Journal of Technical and Vocational Education and Training

Increased competition in global markets for more and better quality products and services has exerted more pressure and demands on TVET to provide a better skilled and more innovative workforce in each society around the globe. It is in this regard t ...

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VET in Germany

In this section of the BIBB website, you will find information on the German VET system – on its success factors, its structure and components as well as on challenges and future topics for the further development of the system. The main Topics are ...

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