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Planning for innovation in TVET – join the online discussion

From 28 October, UNESCO-UNEVOC will be hosting an online discussion on the TVeT Forum on planning for innovation in TVET. This online discussion will be led by Jan Otero and will focus on the process of planning for innovation in TVET institutions, schools and training centres.

Discussions at UNESCO-UNEVOC’s 2018 Learning Forum on ‘Managing skills in a time of disruption’ underlined that new and radical shifts are needed to ensure that TVET systems can respond to changes in climate, demography, business and labour markets, technology, and migration. The speed and scale of these changes calls for a broad process of transformation, with TVET institutions increasingly acting as drivers of innovation in their local ecosystem.

In February 2019, UNESCO-UNEVOC organized a virtual conference on ‘Innovation in TVET’. The conference helped participants understand different types of innovation and recognize the potentially positive and negative impacts of innovation on the economy and society. The virtual conference also contributed to a trends mapping study that was conducted on innovation and helped strengthen the ‘Skills for Innovation Hubs (i-hubs)’ initiative.

While the discussions showed that institutions are already implementing various innovative practices, more needs to be done to support institutions – and particularly schools and training centres – to plan for innovation. To this end, the i-hubs initiative has developed a number of tools to support institutions.

This online discussion will present the i-hubs Innovation Framework. The TVET community will have an opportunity to provide feedback on the framework and the process of planning for innovation in TVET, including the analysis of the tools, its parameters and main challenges related to its implementation.

Please read the background note for more information

Join the discussion

The online discussion will be hosted on the TVeT Forum from 28 October onwards. You will need to have a UNEVOC account to sign up.

You can register for a UNEVOC account here.

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The UNESCO-UNEVOC Skills for Innovation Hubs is part of the initiative 'Developing TVET institutions for entrepreneurship, innovation and sustainability' implemented by UNESCO since 2017, and is supported by the Beijing Caofeidian International Vocational Education City (BCEC), with contributions from the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

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