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Education wikis and portals with TVET content

Global Scope

= Open Training Platform


UNESCO's Open Training Platform (OTP) aims to empower trainers or/and trainees with free resources, offer them a structured collaborative space to share their training but also to promote and value “open” training materials.

Some of the content on the OTP touches on TVET issues (example: Starting My Own Small Business: A Training Module on Entrepreneurship for Learners in a Non-formal Setting).

= WikiEducator


WikiEducator aims to provide the platform for collaborative development of a free education curriculum for all sectors and levels by 2015 using wiki technology (read more about the strategy). According to its founder Wayne Mackintosh, WikiEducator is "the world's fastest growing and most productive wiki in the formal education sector".

It features some content in the area of TVET, but other categories such as teacher education may be relevant in this context as well.

WikiEducator offers free Learning4Content workshops. During the 2-week training sessions participants learn to develop free content for learning, with a focus an wiki skills training in developing countries.

= Wikiversity


Wikiversity is a centre for the creation and use of free learning materials and activities.

Wikiversity does not have a category of its own for TVET, its portal on Professional and Vocational Studies is almost empty. Relevant content may however be found in its portals on Tertiary Education and Non-formal education.

= Skills Universe


Skills Universe is an online network for training companies, facilitators, assessors, HR staff & everyone interested in people at work.

Regional Scope: Europe

= Navreme VirtuVersity


Navremeis a knowledge development network about the most challenging issues and in the crucial policy sectors of the 21st century. Its members are mostly from Southeast Europe.

Its navreme VirtuVersity is a virtual university in the interactive immersive environment SecondLife that stands for the increasing need to bridge the gap between "virtual" distance education and interactive training.

= Vetculture


VETcultureis the virtual home for the VET & CULTURE network - a voluntary association of senior and junior researchers and students, who wish to practice cross-cultural, independent and critical research, debate and academic teaching about relations between education, work and politics.

Vetculture was started in Central Europe in 1993, but is starting to become more international.

The network created initiatives such as a continuing curriculum development exchange for junior researchers. Other activities in the TVET field are EMVET and EMVET Journal.

They also have broad range of publication activity on Technical and Vocational Education.



VETNET is a European Research Network in vocational education and training, part of the European Education Research Association (EERA).

The Vocational Education and Training Network (VETNET) covers a broad range of research and development activities in vocational education and training (VET) and covers both initial VET and continuing vocational training, school-based and workplace-based learning provisions as well as the development of pedagogic expertise for vocational and professional education.

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Open Educational Resources, Online resources for TVET policy-makers

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