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High Impact Teaching Strategy (HITS)

It would be nice to have a good definition here, something like:

High impact teaching strategy focuses on what your students or staff need to know/practice to meet their business goals. You need to ensure that you do not specify "nice to haves" or other learning goals that are irrelevant. The aim of this approach is to only deliver training that has the maximum impact (has the highest degree of leverage).

For instance, you determine that your staff need sales training. But rather than put them all through a full sales course, you examine the situation further and find out that half need training in better prospecting, the others in better objection handling. So you develop or buy in just a short session on prospecting and another on overcoming objections.

Spending will be better targeted this way and by using alternative methods of training, coupled with line manager coaching, you will get more from your budget.

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page date 2009-03-12

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