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Life Skills


Life skills are the abilities for adaptive and positive behaviour that enable individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life. (Definition by The World Health Organisation).

Life Skills are problem solving behaviours appropriately and responsibly used in the management of personal affairs. (Definition by the Canadian Alliance of Life Skills Coaches and Associations.)

The major focus of vocational training programs is to teach people the skills necessary to accomplish job tasks. However, life skills are just as necessary for job success. Life skills constitute a continuum of knowledge and aptitudes that are necessary for a person to function independently and to avoid interruptions of the employment experience. Prior to going to work, a person must figure out what to wear, wash up, figure out what she is going to eat at breakfast and lunch, and make sure she has transportation to get to work on time. Once at work, she needs to interact appropriately with her co-workers and supervisor, handle problems appropriately, and understand her paycheck. She needs to know how to budget that money wisely, and engage in healthy, enjoyable activities outside of work.

Life Skills includes the effective use of problem solving behaviours in all aspects of life: dealing with family, friends, social encounters, community involvement, employment, and personal growth in every way .


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page date 2010-09-13

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