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Author/s:  Thierry Foubert and Floriana Folisi, ETF
Publisher/s:  European Training Foundation
Published:  2019

Policy dialogue in vocational education: What role for civil society organisations?

A pilot survey in the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean

Based on the information collected from Civil Society Organizations in a number of Southern and Eastern Mediterranean countries, this report investigates the role of these organizations in the VET policy cycle. Chapter 1 introduces the methodology applied to this exploratory research, which included an e-survey and a focus group.

Chapter 2 provides an overview of the main characteristics of the research participants. With an initial focus on VET training and the delivery of services, Chapter 3 describes the contribution of CSOs to training provision and monitoring. The following chapter, by contrast, looks at the role of CSOs in policy making via their engagement in ministry-led fora. Chapter 5 seeks to understand if CSOs exercise a ‘watchdog’ function, taking on the task of evaluating and reviewing VET, while Chapter 6 aims to identify the overall added value of CSOs in the VET ecosystem. Finally, conclusions are drawn and recommendations made in the last chapter.

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Tags:  yem   mashreq   north-africa  

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