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Publisher/s:  UNESCO
Published:  2021

Improving Work-Based Learning (WBL) Programmes for Young People in the South Mediterranean Region

Regional Guidelines

This set of practical guidelines aims to inform policymakers, social partners and practitioners in the Southern Mediterranean countries about organizing, implementing, managing, and evaluating effective work-based learning (WBL) programs for young people, including making it inclusive of young women. It proposes guidelines for government, social partners, TVET institutions, workplaces, and individuals to achieve this goal.

The guidelines are informed by country reports from Algeria, Egypt (El-AShmawi, 2017), Jordan (Rawashdeh, 2017), Lebanon (Ghneim, 2017), Palestine (Jweiles, 2017), Morocco (Sennou, 2017), Oman (Al-Mujaini, 2017), Tunisia (Chelbi, 2017) and Algeria (Bedou 2018) initial meeting of country representatives in Beirut in June 2018 and in Rabat in October 2019. Additional sources were also drawn on.

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