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Author/s:  Con Gregg, Olga Strietska-Ilina, Christoph Büdke
Publisher/s:  Copyright © International Labour Organization 2015
Published:  2015
Standard copyright - All rights reserved

Anticipating skill needs for green jobs. A practical guide

The present guide builds on the previous research and practical application, and provides guidance on how to embark on the identification of current and anticipation of future skill needs for the green economy and green jobs. Intended primarily to assist researchers and analysts, the guide deals with qualitative and quantitative methodologies, data classifications and sources, research process and institutional arrangements. The recent Tripartite Meeting of Experts on Sustainable Development, Decent Work and Green Jobs (Geneva, 5–9 October 2015) agreed that “Governments, in consultation with social partners, should: … give high policy priority and allocate resources to the identification and anticipation of evolving skills needs and the review and alignment of occupational skills profiles” (ILO, 2015b). In an earlier discussion, the tripartite Committee on Sustainable Development of the International Labour Conference (ILC, 2013) concluded that sound labour market information and social dialogue were essential for the identification of current and future skills needs (ILC, 2013).

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Tags:  cap_build_sdg   skills_anticipation   cap_build_gender  

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