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Publisher/s:  European Training Foundation
Published:  2017

Migrant Support Measures from an Employment and Skills Perspective (MISMES)


MISMES aim to improve labour market integration of migrants (e.g. facilitating labour mobility, job and skills matching, livelihood and employment opportunities, labour market information and protection) or skills utilisation and enhancement of migrants (e.g. skills development courses, work-based learning, career guidance and counselling, recognition and validation of skills). After making an inventory of existing measures, their key elements are identified in terms of efficiency, if any, and impact on the three target groups for their labour market integration and skills utilisation. Some of these measures, which offer multi-dimensional services and promising results, and cover not only skills and employment but also job matching, have been selected as case studies.

The report is structured into four chapters. The first chapter provides migration facts and figures for the three migrant groups in Jordan and reviews key aspects of migration policies, legal frameworks and stakeholders in the country. The second chapter gives an overview of the MISMES inventory; for example, providing a list of all migrant support measures and initiatives mapped in Jordan. The third chapter then focuses on three ‘promising’ MISMES initiatives selected from the full MISMES inventory, to provide a more detailed case study of ‘good examples’. Finally, the fourth chapter summarises the conclusions and develops some recommendations for future policy initiatives.

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