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Publisher/s:  International Labour Organization
Published:  2017
Standard copyright - All rights reserved

The impact of skills training on the financial behaviour, employability and educational choices of rural young people

Findings from a Randomized Controlled Trial in Morocco

This report assesses a youth-focused skills training programme in rural and semi-rural Morocco. The intervention delivered financial, life and entrepreneurial skills training, aiming to assist young people with the challenges they face during their transition from school to work. Using a randomized controlled trial, the study explores the medium- to long-term impacts on a range of outcomes related to financial inclusion, employability and human capital accumulation.

Youth-focused development organizations throughout MENA increasingly concentrate on providing skills development training to promote financial inclusion and the labour market integration of young people. Despite the proliferation of such training, the evidence is still scarce on its effectiveness in addressing the wider challenges of economic inclusion among young people in MENA. As the first RCT in Morocco to examine a skills training programme, this impact evaluation, therefore, contributes to closing the knowledge gap on what works in youth employment in the region.

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