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YEM Project Knowledge Resources

Here you can find UNESCO publications developed as part of the YEM Project.


H2Skills: training needs in the hydrogen economy

The H2Skills project develops a methodology on how to identify and fill local skills gaps in the field of hydrogen economy. The project is data-driven, and it first seeks to identify current market needs in the sector by gathering data through expert ...

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Research expo in a 3D virtual campus environment

Promising Practice
Research at MCAST has gained significant momentum in the last few years, which has seen a boom in applied research projects spanning across a variety of research areas and disciplines. Following the establishment of the MCAST Research Framework, incl ...

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Ideas Cube offline server and digital learning kit

Promising Practice
The Ideas Cube is a portable nano-server that creates a local offline Wi-Fi hotspot to which users can connect using any device. It allows access to thousands of specially-curated digital resources as well as support in the use of technology-aided te ...

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Promoting active citizenship in TVET institutions

Promising Practice
The Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology (MCAST) is the largest VET institution in Malta and offers qualifications pegged at Level 1 to Level 8 of the European Qualifications Framework (EQF). MCAST students following courses pegged at Level ...

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Gamified upskilling platform

Promising Practice
Velocity Arcademy is an EdTech start-up operating in Cambodia that aims to transform Cambodian teachers and trainers into digital educators by equipping them with the up-to-date digital and pedagogical skills and competencies required in a rapidly ch ...

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Training TVET instructors on the creation and delivery of online learning

Promising Practice
The ILO Women in STEM project team approached the Directorate of Instructors and Training Personnel Development within the Ministry of Manpower, which is responsible for the capacity building of teachers/trainers across Indonesia, to propose collabor ...

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Enhance Digital Teaching Platform

UNESCO-UNEVOC Promising Practice
The Enhance Digital Teaching Platform is designed to help develop teaching and training practice through use of technology. The platform supports innovation in teaching and training to improve student outcomes and equip learners with the skills neede ...

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MilleaLab - The all-in-one VR platform for education

Submitted by SHINTA VR, Indonesia
MilleaLab is an all-in-one software platform to create 3D and virtual reality-based educational contents. The cloud-based platform offers educators hundreds of templates and 3D models to create customized virtual learning offers without coding skills ...

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Programme en ligne TESDA

Soumis par l’Autorité de l’enseignement technique et du développement des compétences, Philippines
Aux Philippines, l’Autorité de l’enseignement technique et du développement des compétences a exploité le potentiel des technologies de l’information et de la communication (TIC) pour augmenter la capacité d’absorption de l’EFTP, formu ...

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Réforme de l’EFTP au Viet Nam

Soumis par l'École professionnelle de génie mécanique et d’irrigation, Viet Nam
Au Viet Nam, le niveau général de prise de conscience sur les questions d’environnement est faible et la part de l’économie consacrée à l’industrie verte est relativement faible. Cependant, une volonté de s’orienter vers une société p ...

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Programme d’éducation pour l’emploi au Kenya - KEFEP-02

Soumis par Sigalagala National Polytechnic, Kenya
La Sigalagala National Polytechnic (Ecole Polytechnique Nationale) est une institution kenyane prenant part au ‘Programme d’éducation pour l’emploi au Kenya’ (KEFEP). L’initiative vise à doter les jeunes Kenyans des qualifications et des ...

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Plateforme collaborative GAIA pour la formation professionnelle

Soumis par le Centre de Compétences du Cap Vert, Cap Vert
A travers l’utilisation d’une plate-forme numérique ayant un contenu d’EFTP aligné sur les normes internationales et les récentes sollicitations de l’industrie, le Centre de compétences du Cap-Vert place les secteurs des énergies renouve ...

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Forum Pitso sur l’EFTP

Soumis par le Conseil de Développement des Ressources Humaines, Botswana
Après avoir reconnu que l’EFTP au Botswana ne jouissait pas de la meilleure des réputations et ne préparait pas de manière adéquate les apprenants au monde du travail, le ‘Conseil de développement des ressources humaines’ du pays a propos ...

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Innovation & Technology Co-creation Centre

Submitted by Vocational Training Council, Hong Kong, China
The Innovation & Technology Co-Creation Centre at Hong Kong’s Vocational Training Council focuses on providing young entrepreneurs with the resources and technical knowledge they need to develop innovative prototypes and concepts. The initiative al ...

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Partenariat DHET- CISCO en vue d’harmoniser l’EFTP avec les progrès de la 4RI

Soumis par le Ministère de l’enseignement supérieur et de la formation, Afrique du Sud
En Afrique du Sud, l’élaboration des programmes d’EFTP est centralisée au niveau national. Avec les résultats et les normes déjà établis, la cartographie des programmes d’enseignement permet d’inclure les nouvelles avancées technologiq ...

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Bridging Benin’s skills gap: partnerships with private enterprises in agricultural TVET delivery

Submitted by the National Consultation Framework for the Promotion of Technical and Vocational Education and Training, Benin
By leveraging guidance and resources from an African Union project focusing on revitalizing the continent’s agricultural sector as an avenue for employment for young people, Benin’s National Consultation Framework for the Promotion of Technical a ...

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Women in the Driving Seat tractor operation training

Submitted by the Agriculture Engineering Services Directorate and the Women in Agriculture Development Directorate under the Ministry of Food and Agriculture, Ghana
The Women in the Driving Seat tractor operation initiative in Ghana literally places women behind the wheel of tractors and other machinery, providing a boost in quality, productivity and employment in the country’s important agricultural sector.

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Sri Lanka National Skills Passport Project

Submitted by Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission, Sri Lanka
The National Skills Passport is a digital portfolio of a worker’s skills and qualifications, references and informally acquired knowledge, all conveniently located on a smart identification card. Migrant labourers and workers returning from abroad ...

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Advancing Vocational Education & Training in India

Submitted by Pandit Sunderlal Sharma Central Institute of Vocational Education, India
An initiative in India aims to enhance the status of TVET as a method for preparing the country’s youth for the future world of work. With a focus on sustainability, the initiative identifies in-demand green skills as crucial for employability and ...

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Innovation and Entrepreneurship Initiatives

Submitted by Temasek Polytechnic, Singapore
‘Every student is a unicorn’ goes the saying at Temasek Polytechnic in Singapore. To broaden students’ entrepreneurial horizons beyond the concept of chasing ‘unicorn’ start-ups, Temasek’s approach to innovation and entrepreneurship focu ...

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Huawei Certification to ICT Programmes

Submitted by Shenzhen Polytechnic, China
Employees equipped with qualifications and competencies relating to the information and communications technology (ICT) industry are in high demand around the world. This is particularly true in Shenzhen, a global hub of ICT companies and innovation. ...

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Adaptation and Integration of ASEAN In-Company Trainer Standard

Submitted by TPQI, Thailand
Standardization and certification of in-company trainer competency leads to more effective cooperation between learning venues and companies in TVET. After a group of sixty experts from six countries developed the ASEAN In-Company Trainer Standard, t ...

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Assistive technologies for TVET students and employees with disabilities

UNESCO-UNEVOC Promising Practice
Temporary restrictions on movement and physical distancing measures resulting from the pandemic have led to the closure of many TVET institutions and skills development organizations in Trinidad and Tobago. As remote education and training become the ...

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Open educational resources for adult learners

UNESCO-UNEVOC Promising Practice
The Korea Open Courseware (KOCW) is the largest platform for open educational resources (OER) in the Republic of Korea. It was set up to assist individuals wishing to access higher education learning resources by providing materials from over 224 uni ...

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Mobile Learning and Assessment Services

UNESCO-UNEVOC Promising Practice
TVET can be a key driver of economic and social development within a country. In Jamaica, where there are high rates of youth un- and underemployment, there is a growing need for flexible and accessible TVET models. HEART/NSTA Trust established th ...

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