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Skilling the Youth

Thematic Priorities: Skills anticipation | Work-based Learning | Digital skills mainstreaming | Entrepreneurship skills
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Access information on the education and skills development ecosystem in each of the YEM Project countries here.

Country Profile

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TVET Country Profile

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YEM Project in Tunisia

Skills Forecasting & Assessment

  • Conduct a second skills projection exercise using a revised version of the methodology in collaboration with data providers;
  • Adapt international promising practices to the Tunisian context;
  • Create a set of anticipation tools with scenario development techniques with sector representatives;
  • Strengthen The National Platform of Stakeholders by increasing active participation of sector representatives;
  • Translate skills anticipation results into policies and practices;
  • Support sector coordination through the use of the sector profiles developed based on the results of skills anticipation assessments.

Digital Skills Development

  • Introduce digital skills and work-based learning with the national institution in charge of curricula development.

Work-based Learning

  • Promote TVET as a quality and attractive education option, especially for young women;
  • Use results from assessments and skills forecasting to develop guidelines and resources to address expected skills shortages;
  • Identify occupations in demand for the purpose of improved career guidance;
  • Conduct regional mapping of innovative experiences;
  • Highlight Tunisian promising practices in entrepreneurship learning, especially in regards to the gender gap;
  • Implement training of trainers as necessary.

Regional Collaboration

  • Share strengths at the regional level to generate quality cooperation in the field of skills anticipation methodologies and results, as well as on entrepreneurial learning, especially for women;
  • Create a community of practice between The National Platforms of Stakeholders and national platforms in other countries through the YEM Regional Knowledge Platform to facilitate resource sharing;
  • Facilitate the collaboration of The Tunisian Observatory and Curriculum Development Centre with similar institutions in other countries in the region;
  • Explore the opportunity to pilot-test a new financing tool.


A Quantum Leap for Gender Equality: For a better future of work for all

The report highlights key gender gaps and obstacles to decent work for women. It explores the structural barriers, including unpaid care work, that shape the nature and extent of women’s engagement in paid employment, and examines how laws, policie ...

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Acteurs et partenariats dans le secteur de la formation professionnelle

Une des voies reconnues pour améliorer l’efficacité des systèmes de formation professionnelle est le développement de partenariats entre acteurs publics, acteurs privés et société civile. Mais qu’entend-t-on précisément par partenariats ...

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Global education monitoring report 2019: gender report: Building bridges for gender equality

The 2019 Gender Report is based on a monitoring framework first introduced in the 2016 Global Education Monitoring Report. In addition to focusing on gender parity in education participation, attainment and learning achievement, the framework examine ...

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MENA Economic Monitor

A New Economy for Middle East and North Africa
Countries in the Middle East and North Africa possess all the ingredients they need to leapfrog into the digital future. Their well-educated youth have already adopted new digital and mobile technologies, but, this is still in its infancy, and young ...

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The CapED Programme: annual report 2018

Education reforms can only be effective if countries have the capacities to make them operational, with not just trained staff, but with effective organizational processes, functioning institutions and the existence of tools and resources to plan, im ...

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Project Partners in Tunisia

News and Events

27 September 2018
Integrating digital skills into technical and vocational training programmes in the Maghreb
Within the YEM framework, the UNESCO Office in Rabat organized a regional workshop on digital skills in training programs in the Maghreb region, on 17 and 18 September 2018.
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page date 2019-07-18

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