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Bridging Innovation and Learning in TVET

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Entrepreneurship in TVET


The promotion of entrepreneurial skills plays a key role in making TVET more innovative and attractive, and helps to better prepare youth for the world of work and changing skills demands. While the narrow definition of entrepreneurship focuses on becoming self-employed and starting your business, the term ‘entrepreneurial learning’ is used in TVET to build a broader understanding of the competencies that are important for graduates across life, work and venture creation (for example, initiative, creativity, and problem solving).

Through a consultation process facilitated by UNESCO-UNEVOC, UNEVOC Network members in Europe have highlighted two specific entrepreneurial learning challenges:

  • The development of integrated entrepreneurial learning curricula that provide active-learning experiences for students; and
  • The lack of teacher and trainer training, which has been linked to a slower implementation of entrepreneurial learning across education systems in Europe.
Preparing and supporting teachers, as well as rethinking traditional pedagogical approaches are crucial to make teaching and learning entrepreneurship practical and relevant to real life.

TVET response

Using an ecosystem approach to developing the entrepreneurial capacity of TVET students can increase the potential of entrepreneurial learning as a route to educational, community and economic growth. To demonstrate this, the entrepreneurial learning ecosystem below highlights the areas where action is needed, including policy-level actions and strategies, partnerships with the community and businesses, support for pre-service and in-service teachers, curricula, non-formal learning, and support to start-ups.

Entrepreneurial learning ecosystem in TVET (UNESCO-UNEVOC, 2019)

As highlighted through BILT, long-term planning and support from amongst a diverse range of TVET stakeholders, combined with the flexibility in training systems and curricula are enabling factors to tackle entrepreneurial learning challenges.

To learn more about successful responses to the entrepreneurial learning challenges implemented by the institutions of the European UNEVOC Network and beyond, please consult the BILT Workshop on Entrepreneurship summary report.


BILT thematic workshop - Entrepreneurship in TVET

Summary report
This summary captures the key outcomes of the thematic BILT Workshop on ‘Entrepreneurship in TVET’, held at TKNIKA in Basque Country, Spain, on 30-31 October 2019.

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Entrepreneurial learning in TVET

Discussion paper
Globalization and technological progress have led to the world changing at an unprecedented pace, affecting the way we live, work and learn. As young people seek to acquire new skills to navigate their way towards successful futures, transformative e ...

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