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The global Bridging Innovation and Learning in TVET (BILT) Learning Forum concludes the two-year cycle of BILT Bridging Events in the three focus regions: Europe (Finland, June 2022), Africa (Kenya, November 2022) and Asia-Pacific (Singapore, June 2023).

It builds on the momentum established during the current biennium and seeks to strengthen strategic partnerships and opportunities to advocate BILT topics and activities among policy-makers and TVET practitioners.

The 2023 BILT Learning Forum will take place on 24-26 October 2023 in Bonn, Germany and online. The event will bring together approximately 80 representatives of African, Asian and European UNEVOC Centres, as well as members of the BILT community.

During the three-day event, selected plenary sessions will be streamed online. Online participation is open to a global audience.

The BILT Learning Forum will:

  • Support the international BILT community of UNEVOC Centres and TVET stakeholders to establish and deepen innovation collaboration and policy learning;
  • Present the final results of the 2023 BILT Expert Group on the dual transition of greening and digitalization in the hospitality and tourism sector;
  • Take stock of BILT products from the 2022-2023 biennium and outline focus topics and activities for the next two years;
  • Conceptualize the 2024 BILT Expert Group with a focus on the building and construction sector;
  • Hold the annual meeting of the BILT Advisory Committee (BAC); and
  • Strengthen BILT partnerships with the African Union, the ASEAN TVET Council and the European Commission.

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Conference outline

24 October 2023

  • Keynote sessions and discussions with policy-makers from Africa, Asia and the Pacific and Europe on current TVET trends and challenges. Focus topics include up-/reskilling of the workforce, skills intelligence and forecasting, and TVET excellence and attractiveness.
  • Onsite: a study visit to interact with practitioners in the dual VET system in Germany (trainers and trainees) and to have a first-hand experience of on-the-job training.

25 October 2023

  • Presentation of the final results of the BILT Expert Group on the dual transition in the hospitality and tourism sector.
  • Networking sessions to strengthen cooperation and thematic exchange among UNEVOC Centres and TVET institutions present at the event.
  • BILT matchmaking successes: Memorandum of Understanding - exchange ceremony
  • Annual meeting of the BILT Advisory Committee

26 October 2023

  • Hybrid Learning Lab with a focus on Microcredentials.
  • Conceptualization meeting for the new BILT expert group on the dual transition in the building and construction sector (in person and by invitation only).
  • Side Event: UNEVOC Network members meeting (invited participants only)

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