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Quality assurance

Parent term: Quality

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The processes of ensuring that specified standards or requirements for teaching, learning, education administration, assessment and the recording of achievements have been met.
Source: SAQA 2013, South Africa
Ways in which evidence for qualification is collected, interpreted and used, it has both a disciplinary and developmental role, attempting to overcome the conventionally recognised difficulty of nurturing and judging performance at the same time.
Source: SADC 2011, Southern Africa
A planned and systematic pattern of all actions necessary to provide adequate confidence that the product, its components, packaging and labeling are acceptable for their intended use.
Source: TESDA 2010, Philippines
Quality assurance encompasses any activity that is concerned with assessing and improving the merit or the worth of a development intervention or its compliance with given standards. Note: examples of quality assurance activities include appraisal, RBM, reviews during implementation, evaluations, etc. Quality assurance may also refer to the assessment of the quality of a portfolio and its development effectiveness.

Source: OECD 2010
Processes and procedures for ensuring that qualifications, assessment and programme delivery meet certain standards.
Source: ILO (SED) 2007, Global

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Term: Quality assurance
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