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  TVET Forumreplies
Posted: 15 August by Ruairi Gou... | Last reply: 19 August, 16:19
Posted: 11 August by Jaagz Baja... | Last reply: 19 August, 12:28
Publication on Health and Safety
Posted: 07 July by princegodw... | Last reply: 18 August
Experiential Learning mini-case study
Posted: 23 July by Dr Dr Ahm... | Last reply: 18 August
Nomenclatures of TVET and their implications
Posted: 10 August by Yadessa To... | Last reply: 18 August
A draft hypothesis on relation of TVET to General Education
Posted: 17 August by Arjun Pras...
TVET Jobs - a new job board for TVET experts and consultants
Posted: 27 July by Timo Wohli... | Last reply: 15 August
German Expert in the area of Automotive and Quality control subjects.
Posted: 11 August by Ravishanka... | Last reply: 12 August
Organisation Behaviour and The Role of UNESCO`s Global Convention on Recognition of Higher-education Qualifications as Binding Agreement
Posted: 28 July by Lul Admasa... | Last reply: 12 August
CURRICULUM + Expertise
Posted: 08 August by rameen jav... | Last reply: 09 August
Scholarship PhD program
Posted: 28 July by Azuka Vivi... | Last reply: 08 August
UNESCO-UNEVOC TVET Country Profiles update
Posted: 08 August by Max Ehlers...
TVET enrollment
Posted: 05 August by Arjun Pras...
Posted: 30 July by Arjun Pras...
DACUM Training Opportunities
Posted: 27 July by John Moser...
The European Training Foundation is seeking case studies of good practice on digitalisation and greening in TVET providers
Posted: 27 July by Sarah Elso...
Setting up a Vocational Training School
Posted: 17 July by Osazuwa Iy... | Last reply: 26 July
NABTEB no more recognise for direct entry into Nigeria University. By JAMB.
Posted: 23 July by Olugbenga ... | Last reply: 25 July
Tracer Study in TVET arena
Posted: 24 July by Biplab Pau... | Last reply: 25 July
TVET Uzbekistan
Posted: 22 July by rameen jav... | Last reply: 24 July
Preparing Students for the Professions using Scenario-Based Learning: A Case Study in Pedagogical Development in the Institute of Technical Education (Singapore)
Posted: 20 July by William Ch... | Last reply: 24 July
African Good Practices Competition
Posted: 22 July by Zarina Kha...
Technical education vs Vocational education
Posted: 25 April by Biplab Pau... | Last reply: 19 July
Policy Roundtable onWebinar II: policy responses to ‘Skilling, reskilling and deskilling of gig workers in Kenya
Posted: 18 July by Pooja Gia...
Publication on Health and Safety
Posted: 18 July by princegodw...
UNESCO Webinar on Skills Development for Youth / Webinaire de l`UNESCO sur le Développement des compétences pour les jeunes
Posted: 18 July by UNESCO-UNE...
Career Pathways in Renewable Energy and STEM - Do your countries offer these programs?
Posted: 23 June by Latoya Wil... | Last reply: 18 July
Etudes sur les politiques d`EFTP au Rwanda
Posted: 13 July by JUVENAL ND...
Publication on Health and Safety
Posted: 12 July by princegodw...
UNESCO and the Transforming Education Summit for Futures of Education: Proposing UNESCO-UNEVOC Chair and/or Network for Technical and Vocational Education
Posted: 30 June by Lul Admasa... | Last reply: 09 July

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