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Parent term: Traineeship

5 definitions

A person receiving training in a vocational area or undertaking a traineeship. The successful completion of a traineeship leads to a minimum of a certificate II in the relevant vocational area.
Source: NCVER 2013, Australia
A person undergoing training or education with an occupational bias.
Source: UNEVOC/NCVER 2009, Global
A person qualified to undergo the training system for the purpose of acquiring and developing job qualifications.
Source: UNESCO 1984, Global
An individual receiving training or undertaking a traineeship and being in the process of acquiring awareness, knowledge, skill and attitude competencies required to successfully perform the job assigned to the Trainee/Developee. The individual must demonstrate competence in the position before being allowed to perform the job without supervision.
Source: Wahba 2013, Global
A person undergoing vocational training, either within a training institution or training organisation or at the workplace.
Source: EU Commission LLP 2007-2013, Europe

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Term: Trainee/Developee
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