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National Agency for Vocational Education, Training and Qualifications
Agjencia Kombëtare e Arsimit, Formimit Profesional dhe Kualifikimeve (NAVETQ)

UNEVOC Centre (National Body) since 1995

National Agency for Vocational Education and Training and Qualifications (NAVETQ) is a public, budgetary legal entity under the responsibility of the Ministry responsible for Vocational Education and Training, currently Ministry of Finance and Economy. NAVETQ is responsible for developing the system of vocational qualifications based on the labor market needs and in line with Albanian Qualifications Framework. NAVETQ is in charge to develop National List of Occupations based in ISCO 2008, to provide the market needs assessment for qualifications, develop occupation and qualification standards, develop national curricula (for long term and short term training courses, teaching materials, assessment instruments, etc., develop continuing professional development of teaching staff in the VET system, develop mechanism for inclusion of lifelong qualifications in AQF levels, accreditation of VET providers and assessment centers for recognition of prior learning nor levels 2-5 of the AQF, coordinating the activity of the Sectoral Committees, and monitoring and supporting VET providers in the implementation of the self-assessment process.


NAVETQ's mission is to provide a unified system of nationally recognized vocational qualifications based on the Albanian Qualifications Framework (AQF), as well as to ensure the quality of VET.


The purpose of AKAFPK is to provide strong impetus and support to the development of VET in Albania, in line with European standards. In pursuit of its purpose, the Agency aims to achieve (i) the development of VET in relation to labor market needs and the country's socio-economic development; (ii) ensuring social partnership at all levels and at all stages of planning, developing and implementing VET programs; (iii) integrating education, training and work into the perspective of lifelong learning; (iv) the development of the European dimension of VET, ensuring transparency of qualifications and alignment of competences with the European single market.

Regular tasks

Currently, NAVETQ's functions include as following: (i) compile and revise the National List of Professions, in cooperation with the Institute of Statistics, representatives of economic sectors, etc; (ii) draft and review the National Catalogue of Vocational Qualifications for levels 2-5 of the AQF; (iii) draft and revise occupational standards, qualification standards in terms of learning outcomes and qualification assessment standards professional for AQF levels 2-5; (iv) consult with interested parties on the development, implementation and review of procedures for inclusion of qualifications in the AQF and propose changes to the criteria and procedures for quality assurance of vocational qualifications that are included in the AQF; (v) follow the procedures for the validation of the quality of qualifications, part of the AQF, in cooperation with sectorial committees; (vi) develops and revises national curricula for vocational qualifications of AQF levels 2-5, as well develop and revise programs of unified public vocational training courses; (vii) monitor the implementation of standards and programs (curricula) nationals from public VET providers; (viii) determines the evaluation and certification criteria for students and trainees in the VET system; (ix) develop supporting teaching materials for VET providers, the orientation programs of the final exams for each vocational qualification of AQF levels 2-5, and of Vocational State Matura exams; (x) accredit VET providers for vocational qualifications at levels 2-5 of the AQF as well as assessment centers for the application of recognition procedures for prior non-formal and informal learning; (xi) develops national programs, administer and monitor procedures for the continuing training and attestation of VET teachers and professional culture instructors; (xii) provides methodologically support VET provider development units; (xiii) implements national and international projects for the implementation of priorities in the field of VET, and administratively supports the tripartite bodies involved in the development of VET, in accordance with the mandate and functions of the institution.

Focus and interest

Work area

Which of the following fields is the UNEVOC Centre working on?
Sharing knowledge about TVET
Primary focus
Developing knowledge
Primary focus
Developing and building capacities
  Secondary focus


Who are the beneficiaries of the UNEVOC Centre's work?
Primary focus
  Secondary focus
Policy makers
Primary focus
Private sector
Primary focus

Engagement interest

What is the highest level of engagement the Centre is interested in in the following fields?
Greening of TVET institutions and skills
  Interested to contribute
   Interested to learn
OER and Online Learning
   Interested to learn
Equity of access in TVET
   Interested to learn
Gender equality in TVET
   Interested to learn
Fostering entrepreneurship
  Interested to contribute
Industry 4.0 / Smart production
   Interested to learn

Activity interest

Which types of activities is the UNEVOC Centre most interested in?
Capacity development projects
Highly interested
Policy oriented projects
Highly interested
Knowledge development
Highly interested
Workshops and conferences
Highly interested

Regional collaboration interest

What are the UNEVOC Centre's collaboration interests?
Within my cluster
Highly interested
With Africa
  Moderately interested
With the Arab States
  Moderately interested
With Asia and the Pacific
  Moderately interested
With Europe, CIS and North America
Highly interested
With Latin America and the Caribbean
  Moderately interested


Agjencia Kombëtare e Arsimit, Formimit Profesional dhe Kualifikimeve (NAVETQ)
Rruga `Mustafa Lleshi`, Godina e Thesarit, Kati i trete
1002 Tirana


local time now: ~01:24 ±1 hour daylight saving time

Head of UNEVOC Centre
PHD (c) Ejvis Gishti

UNEVOC Coordinator
PHD (c) Ejvis Gishti

Tel. *****
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15 March 2018
Network Consolidation Workshop - UNEVOC Network in Europe
As part of UNESCO-UNEVOC's efforts to strengthen the engagement of European UNEVOC Centres in Europe, a European UNEVOC Network Consolidation Workshop was held at the UN Campus in Bonn. This workshop aimed at strengthening cooperation and policy learning in TVET within Europe, and facilitating their future cross-regional collaborations with UNEVOC Centres in Africa and Asia.
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