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Zhejiang Technology Institute of Economy

A New UNEVOC Centre

In October 2006, Zhejiang Technology Institute of Economy (ZJTIE) was officially established as a member of the UNEVOC Network. At the inaugural event, Prof. Chen Lineng, President of ZJTIE, introduced the Institute and laid out plans for developing it further within the UNEVOC Network, for the benefit of international cooperation and Chinese TVET. Mr Du Yue, Deputy Secretary General of the Chinese National Commission and Ms Dong Jianhong, Director of the Education Department of the Commission, also gave speeches.

ZJTIE is a public vocational college under the auspices of the Department of Education of the Zhejiang Province (DOEZJ) and the Zhejiang Material Industry Group (ZJMI). In a nationwide evaluation of vocational colleges in October 2006, ZJTIE was recognised as “excellent”.

In the context of its activities in the UNEVOC Network, the Institute will organize the colleges in the Zhejiang Province and the adjacent area. ZJTIE plans to hold annual international seminars in Hangzhou to enable dialogue within the TVET community worldwide. In cooperation with the UNESCO-UNEVOC International Centre, the Institute aims to organize activities in the area of comparative vocational education research that involves Chinese scholars and foreign experts. ZJTIE also expects to edit an updated version of the English-Chinese/Chinese-English Dictionary of Vocational Education. It will report its activities in the UNESCO-UNEVOC Bulletin.

TVET in China

In light of China’s rapid economic development, TVET has become a key area of education. Further economic and social advancement will require hundreds of thousands of skilled workers. The Chinese central government will spend more than 14 billion Renminbi (RMB) between 2006 and 2010 to adjust TVET to meet the needs of the rapidly changing economy.

International cooperation is a key factor in the further development of TVET in China. Many different approaches to TVET have been examined and integrated, including those from Germany, Canada, the USA and Australia. China is the biggest developing country, and it is difficult to adapt its TVET system to just one model that works well in another country. ZJTIE is hoping to share its experiences with the integration of several overseas models with other countries and hopes to also learn from others’ experiences.


Entry in the UNEVOC Directory

Zhejiang Technology Institute of Economy Website Chinese | English


Chandler Huang, Zhejiang Technology Institute of Economy, chandlerh(at)126.com

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