Just Published - UNESCO-UNEVOC Bulletin Issue No. 33

We are pleased to share our recently published Bulletin. This issue gives an overview of some of our key engagements since January 2018, particularly the recently concluded UNESCO-UNEVOC TVET Learning Forum. The bulletin is available as a PDF in English will be available in the other UN languages soon.

World Youth Skills Day 2018 - Improving the image of TVET

UNESCO-UNEVOC follows the United Nations’ stride in celebrating the World Youth Skills Day every year on 15th July, and reaffirms its commitment to enhance the prospects of the youth to access quality skills development opportunities through TVET, globally. UNESCO-UNEVOC's theme for this year’s celebration is ‘Improving the image of TVET’.

UNEVOC TVET Leadership Programme 2018 kicks off in Bonn, Germany

The 2018 UNEVOC TVET Leadership Programme was launched today at the UNESCO-UNEVOC International Centre, Bonn. 19 mid- to senior-level TVET leaders from UNEVOC Centres and other institutions from 18 countries around the world are participating in the programme. The programme aims to enable the participants to hone their leadership skills through nine modules guided by key international experts in a highly engaging environment.

Virtual conference on Improving the image of TVET: making TVET more attractive to young people

On the occasion of World Youth Skills Day, UNESCO-UNEVOC is holding a virtual conference on improving the image of TVET and making it more attractive to young people. The virtual conference will be held on the TVeT Forum from 16 to 24 July

UNESCO-UNEVOC TVET Learning Forum: Managing TVET in a time of disruption

The UNESCO-UNEVOC TVET Learning Forum 2018 was organized on the 24-25 May 2018. More than 100 TVET stakeholders from more than 35 countries engaged in insightful discussions on how to manage TVET systems globally in the context of technological, environmental, and demographic disruptions. Read more about the proceedings here.

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