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Labour market information (LMI)

Parent term: Labour market

3 definitions

Any information concerning the size and composition of the labour market or any part of the labour market; the way it or any part of it functions, its problems, the opportunities which may be available to it, and the employment-related intentions or aspirations of those who are part of it.
Source: ILO 2001, Global
LMI is variously defined as:
* Data about the workplace, including employment rates and salary information;
* Any information about the structure and working of a labour market and any factors likely to influence the structure and working of taht market, including jobs available, people available to do those jobs, the mechanisms that match the two, changes in the external and internal business environements; and
* essentially data, statistics and research about the workplace including things like unemployment rates, salary, demand for, and supply of, labour.
In the context of LMI for Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG), a distinction has been made between labour market information and labour market intelligence, where labour market information refers to raw quantitative or qualitative data found in original sources such as tables, spreadsheets, graphs and charts, with labour market intelligence relating to an interpretation of raw data, referring to subsets of information that has been subjected to further analysis.
Source: Warwick IER 2008, UK
(Labour market information systems) Systems, mechanisms or processes for gathering, organising, providing and analysing information about the state of the labour market, occupations and jobs, including key changes taking place within the employment, jobs and the occupations.
Source: EU commission (Skills panorama) 2015, Europe

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Term: Labour market information
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