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12 July 2022
World Youth Skills Day
Every year on 15 July, UNESCO-UNEVOC joins the global celebrations to mark World Youth Skills Day (WYSD).
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1 July 2022
UNEVOC and COL organize workshops on the development of online and distance learning strategies
In partnership with UNESCO-UNEVOC, the Commonwealth of Learning (COL) recently concluded two online courses on technology-enabled learning and the use of assistive technologies in TVET. The workshops were held in Banjul and Lusaka.
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30 June 2022
Over 140 countries call for right to lifelong learning to transform education at UNESCO conference
With the adoption of the Marrakech Framework for Action at the Seventh International Conference on Adult Education on 17 June 2022, representatives of over 140 countries committed to translating the vision of a right to lifelong learning into reality.
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30 June 2022
Entrepreneurial learning for out-of-school youth
While building entrepreneurial skills and mindsets is essential for all youths, it is more critical for out-of-school youths who face unfavourable social, political, and economic environments.
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28 June 2022
Striking the right balance: State and non-state engagement within TVET
This webinar was hosted by the GEM Report and UNESCO-UNEVOC. It examined some of the findings from the 2021/22 Global Education Monitoring Report’s analysis on non-state engagement in TVET systems and discussed current policies and initiatives designed to ensure quality, access and equity.
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24 June 2022
Issue #10 of the UNEVOC Quarterly
This issue shares highlights from UNESCO-UNEVOC and the UNEVOC Network for the period April – June 2022.
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21 June 2022
Bridging Innovation and Learning in TVET: The Self-Reflection Tool
Across the world, TVET providers are looking for solutions to meet the rapidly changing conditions in the world of work. The BILT project's Self-Reflection Tool (SRT) aims to empower them in this process.
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13 June 2022
Toolkits for TVET providers
UNESCO-UNEVOC has launched a new online platform to bring the many and varied toolkits into one place and to provide a guide and resource for TVET practitioners, researchers and policy-makers.
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11 May 2022
TVET: Scaffolding digital skills to the future
Given the wide spectrum of TVET’s educational programmes, digital competence is correspondingly broad and challenging questions remain about the proficiency levels necessary for effective TVET education and learning outcomes. This article in the TVET Journal looks at the leading digital skills frameworks. It was written by researchers at Sunway University, Malaysia and supervised by UNESCO-UNEVOC.
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26 April 2022
UNESCO-UNEVOC webinar on digital skills development in TVET teacher training
The webinar presented promising practices for tackling digitalization challenges in TVET teacher training. Following an overview of the key findings of UNESCO-UNEVOC's trends mapping study, the session included presentations from TVET teacher training organizations and projects operating in Southeast Asia, Africa and Europe.
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8 April 2022
UNESCO Strategy for Technical and Vocational Education and Training adopted at Executive Board
The UNESCO Strategy for TVET 2022-2029: Transforming Technical and Vocational Education and Training for Successful and Just Transitions will seek to generate global momentum in support of TVET, contributing to the post-COVID-19 social and economic recovery and to an acceleration of progress towards SDG 4.
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6 April 2022
TVET and climate change action
UNESCO-UNEVOC and Co-leads of the Sustainable Development Goals Affinity Group held a two-hour virtual workshop on the Energy Rapid Overview and Decision Support (En-ROADS) climate change solutions simulator.
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31 March 2022
Ukraine: UNESCO mobilizes support for learning continuity
UNESCO is mobilizing support to maintain continuity of education and to help teachers and learners in Ukraine. Through its Global Education Coalition, the Organization will provide computer hardware and digital learning contents.
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30 March 2022
Issue #9 of the UNEVOC Quarterly
This issue shares highlights from UNESCO-UNEVOC and the UNEVOC Network for the period January – March 2022.
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24 March 2022
Building TVET resilience for a just and sustainable transition
UNESCO-UNEVOC is launching a year-long project to strengthen the resilience of UNEVOC Centres and other education and training stakeholders as part of the pandemic recovery process. The project is being implemented with the support of the German Federal Government through Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH.
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21 March 2022
Find your match with BILT’s Peer-Learning Wheel
The BILT project is pleased to introduce the Peer-Learning Wheel, an online tool that supports peer learning among TVET institutions. Its purpose is to open opportunities for collaboration to improve the identification, integration or implementation of new qualifications and competencies in TVET.
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11 March 2022
Linking skills to needs with non-state actors – lessons from the 2021/2 GEM Report
Non-state actors are involved in all aspects of education. But for some levels of education, their presence is more evident and even necessary. Both formal and informal TVET are co-dependent on various private and non-state actors’ involvement for quality, effectiveness and relevance of training.
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4 March 2022
International Women's Day 2022: Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow
On 8 March 2022, International Women’s Day is being celebrated under the theme “Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow”, recognizing the contribution of women and girls around the world who are leading the charge on climate change adaptation, mitigation, and response, to build a more sustainable future for all.
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3 March 2022
Ukraine: UNESCO statement following the adoption of the UN General Assembly resolution
Following the adoption by the United Nations General Assembly of the Resolution on Aggression against Ukraine, and in light of the devastating escalation of violence, UNESCO is deeply concerned by developments in Ukraine and is working to assess damage across its spheres of competence (notably education, culture, heritage and information) and to implement emergency support actions.
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4 February 2022
UNESCO and Microsoft organize training days for vocational educators
On 28 February and 1 March, UNESCO and Microsoft jointly organized digital training for vocational educators. The training targeted vocational educators in upper secondary and higher education institutions of business, technology, engineering, computer science and AI.
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2 February 2022
Launch of the UNEVOC Network Coaction Initiative
In February 2022, UNESCO-UNEVOC launched the inaugural UNEVOC Network Coaction Initiative – a collection of projects that have been designed by and for UNEVOC Centres.
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1 February 2022
Highlights of the BILT Learning Forum on New Qualifications and Competencies: Building the Future of TVET
The virtual BILT Learning Forum on 7-9 December 2021 featured the publication launch and expert discussions on future-oriented TVET systems, a marketplace on innovative practices, a roadshow on digital media tools in TVET and networking sessions to connect with peers.
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16 December 2021
Issue #8 of the UNEVOC Quarterly
This issue shares highlights from UNESCO-UNEVOC and the UNEVOC Network for the period October – December 2021.
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13 December 2021
UNESCO hosts International Conference on Technical and Vocational Education and Training for successful and just transitions
The online conference brought together over 700 participants, representatives of governments, private sector, development partners, experts, and testimonies from around the world to discuss TVET in a world undergoing multiple transitions and explore different directions for the new Strategy for TVET 2022-2029.
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7 December 2021
New qualifications and competencies for future-oriented TVET
This three-volume publication on new qualifications and competencies caters to the needs of different TVET stakeholder groups, which are categorized into macro, meso and micro levels.
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