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Issue #14 - June 2023

Dear readers,

Young people have the transformative power to shape a sustainable and inclusive future. Yet, more than 270 million young people aged 15-24 are not in any form of employment, education or training (NEET).

In today's rapidly changing world, providing young people with relevant and marketable skills is essential for their personal development, employability, and contribution to sustainable development. Technical and vocational education and training (TVET) has a pivotal role to play in equipping young people with the necessary skills to smoothly transition into the job market and to actively engage in their communities and societies.

The Youth Declaration on Transforming Education highlighted that young people are at the forefront of pioneering innovations, mobilizing peers and communities, and advocating for universal and quality education. Youth skills development is also at the heart of UNESCO’s Strategy for TVET 2022-2029 and its mission to transform TVET for successful and just transitions.

Ahead of World Youth Skills Day, we encourage you to join the global activities to celebrate the importance of empowering young people to unlock their full potential, contribute meaningfully to their communities, and become catalysts for change.

Best wishes from the UNESCO-UNEVOC team

Latest news

23 June 2023
UNESCO-UNEVOC and WorldSkills launch TVET Youth Voices campaign
UNESCO-UNEVOC and WorldSkills International have launched the TVET Youth Voices campaign as part of their joint World Youth Skills Day activities. The video campaign features youth from the WorldSkills Champions Trust and the UNEVOC Network.
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16 June 2023
Survey for World Youth Skills Day
The survey invites youth aged 15-29 years to share their visions, priorities, aspirations, challenges, concerns, and expectations for skills development. The gathered insights will inform the discussion at a World Youth Skills Day hybrid event, which is being co-organized by UNESCO-UNEVOC and WorldSkills International.

Deadline extended to 11 July 2023.
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15 June 2023
BILT Learning Lab presented by Fifty Shades Greener
BILT Learning Labs are an opportunity for TVET stakeholders to explore specific Innovation and Learning Practices from Africa, Asia-Pacific, and Europe. This lab focused on how Fifty Shades Greener, a woman-led TVET provider, is greening the training process in the tourism and hospitality sector.
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24 May 2023
UNESCO-UNEVOC and HP Life: Promoting skills for work and life
UNESCO-UNEVOC and HP LIFE have partnered to promote innovation, employability and entrepreneurship among youth, with a focus on Africa. The online courses are free, self-paced, and available in Arabic, Bahasa Indonesia, Chinese, English, French, Hindi, Portuguese and Spanish.
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16 May 2023
How Europe is addressing the digital education challenge: DigComp, DigCompEdu and SELFIE
This UNESCO-UNEVOC webinar showcased some of the leading initiatives aimed at the digital upskilling of both citizens and teachers. Speakers from the European Commission outlined how the frameworks have been developed, their content and how they are being used in different countries to support TVET.
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15 April 2023
Resilience project paves the way for stronger TVET
UNESCO-UNEVOC implemented a project titled 'Building resilience in TVET for a just and sustainable transition' to strengthen the resilience of UNEVOC Centres and other education and training stakeholders as part of the COVID-19 pandemic recovery process.

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6 April 2023
BILT Expert Group on the dual transition in the hospitality and tourism sector
In 2023, the BILT project has a new focus on the impact of the green and digital transition on skills needs for the hospitality and tourism sector and the TVET system. In this context, a BILT Expert Group, composed of 29 members from Africa, Asia-Pacific, and Europe, will investigate the implications of this dual transition.
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4 April 2023
Project learning forum on building TVET resilience
UNESCO-UNEVOC has been implementing the project on ‘Building TVET resilience for a just and sustainable transition’ to support TVET stakeholders and their vision for achieving institutional resilience. The Project Learning Forum invited participants to share key takeaways from the programmes and discuss what these insights mean for future activities.
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Updates from the UNEVOC Network

8 June 2023
The Second National TVET Forum (UNEVOC Centre – Mongolia)
The Second National TVET Forum was held in Mongolia under the theme of 'Transforming TVET'. Topics discussed included industry, sector challenges, youth employment, labour market demands, training quality, and skilled teachers. The Vocational Education, Training Partnership NGO (VETP) was one of the co-organizers of the event.
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24 May 2023
Pedagogical innovation underway in West Africa (UNEVOC Centre – Canada)
Cégep de la Gaspésie et des Îles is implementing an educational project linked to its community development activities in West Africa. The project formalizes all training and capacity-building programmes by drawing inspiration from best practices and pedagogical approaches recognized within the Quebec college network.
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23 May 2023
SXPI hosts workshop on incorporating global citizenship into TVET learning environments (UNEVOC Centre – China)
Shaanxi Polytechnic Institute (SXPI), together with Te Whare Wananga o Awanuiārangi, New Zealand organized a virtual workshop focused on the importance of global citizenship education in TVET. The workshop was supported by the UNESCO Beijing Office, UNESCO-UNEVOC and Education New Zealand.
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16 May 2023
Building bridges between TVET and universities in Latin America (UNEVOC Centre – Chile)
The webinar provided a platform for dialogue on how TVET and university systems can nourish their capacities and strengths to build a higher education ecosystem. It was co-organized by UNESCO IESALC, OREALC/UNESCO Santiago and Duoc UC.

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9 May 2023
Colleges and Institutes Canada publishes a new national PLAR Framework (UNEVOC Centre – Canada)
CICAN released a Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) national framework that will support lifelong learning, help streamline skills upgrading for Canadians and support workforce development across the country.
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2 May 2023
Shenzhen Polytechnic publishes guidebook on digital programmes in TVET (UNEVOC Centre – China)
Syllabuses of Digital Programmes in TVET was developed by the Office of Academic Affairs and the UNESCO Chair on Digitalization in TVET at Shenzhen Polytechnic, China. This comprehensive guidebook covers 28 digital programmes categorized into 6 programme clusters that have been successfully implemented at the institution.
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2 February 2023
ACTVET's TVET Innovation Week (UNEVOC Centre – UAE)
The “TVET Innovation Week” brought together experts, industry representatives, government leaders, entrepreneurs, policy-makers, researchers, students, and educators to exchange ideas and expertise on a range of critical themes in the various fields that make up TVET in the 21st century. View the final report here.
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New publications and resources

5 June 2023
New Innovative and Promising Practices in TVET
Our Innovative & Promising Practices database now contains more than 95 TVET initiatives from around the world that promote sustainability, inclusion, entrepreneurship, digitalization & much more. Get inspired by these innovative solutions from the TVET community!
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Inter-Agency Group on TVET Newsletter - May 2023

The Inter-Agency Group on Technical and Vocational Education and Training (IAG-TVET) was convened by UNESCO in 2008 to ensure a good coordination of activities by the key international organizations involved in the delivery of policy advice, programm ...

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Digital Transformation of TVET and Skills Development Systems in Africa

Guidelines for countries to undertake a situational analysis
The Pan African Initiative for the Digital Transformation of TVET and Skills Development Systems in Africa (‘the initiative’) was launched on 9 March 2021. The initiative’s overall objective is to create an ecosystem that will enable and accele ...

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Digital Transformation of TVET and Skills Development Systems in Africa

Guidelines for countries to undertake a strategic planning framework
These guidelines follow the publication of Digital Transformation of TVET and Skills Development Systems in Africa - Guidelines for countries to undertake a situational analysis (‘the Situational Analysis Guidelines’). In concert with the situ ...

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Upcoming events

12 July 2023
Call for nominations – UNESCO International Literacy Prizes 2023
Online applications and nominations are open for the UNESCO International Literacy Prizes 2023. The theme for this year is ‘Promoting literacy for a world in transition: Building the foundation for peaceful and sustainable societies’.
Deadline for applications: 12 July 2023
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