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Publié:  2016

UNESCO-UNEVOC virtual conference: Making youth entrepreneurship a viable path

18 to 29 July, 2016

The virtual conference sought to collect input from the wider technical and vocational education and training (TVET) community about the role of TVET in promoting entrepreneurship. In order to increase our understanding of the nature of entrepreneurship, as well as the obstacles young entrepreneurs face, the virtual conference addressed the following questions:

  • What are some of the key challenges that young entrepreneurs, in different markets and from different backgrounds, face? And how can programmes or policies help them address those challenges?
  • What are the key skills that young entrepreneurs need to develop in order to be able to run successful ventures? And what role can TVET providers play in helping develop some of those skills?
  • What are some key best practices that we can identify when implementing youth entrepreneurship programmes?
The virtual conference provided a unique opportunity to share knowledge and experience regarding youth entrepreneurship and the synthesis report captures this. The report shows how participants confirmed the importance of the topic and the need to explore further questions rose during the conference. Despite the comprehensiveness of the discussions that took place, the report also identifies four areas that need to be explored further.

The virtual conference was attended by 146

experts from 58 countries.

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