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  TVET Forumreplies
National Standard Classification of Occupation
Posted: 24 July by Arjun Pras... | Last reply: 26 July, 18:17
TVET/VET impact in macro or micro level in Rural Area
Posted: 26 July by Biplab Pau...
Virtual Conference on Digitalization and TVET
Posted: 26 July by Ulrike Sch... | Last reply: 26 July, 17:38
WANTED! help us find models for evaluating technical training systems.
Posted: 19 July by Timo Wohli... | Last reply: 24 July
Occupation Perspective
Posted: 10 July by Rafael Ba... | Last reply: 23 July
TVET for disable people in EU countries
Posted: 22 July by Jessica Qu... | Last reply: 22 July
Podcast Education Transformation, Episode 37: The Day of Reckoning
Posted: 21 July by Leigh Ridg...
ETF Survey on Micro-credentials
Posted: 21 June by Anatolii G... | Last reply: 20 July
Posted: 20 July by Dr. Affero...
2021 International Vocational Education and Industry Training Association Symposium - 16th November 2021
Posted: 20 July by John Smith...
Skills in Action Photo Competition 2021
Posted: 15 July by Aldrich Me... | Last reply: 16 July
The position of Nature Studies in Vocational Education
Posted: 15 July by BEULAH AKP...
The Chaos of digital transformation in education
Posted: 10 July by Dr Dr Ahm... | Last reply: 15 July
Turkish TVET professionals for EU funded project
Posted: 14 July by Ursula von...
Posted: 08 July by Arjun Pras... | Last reply: 14 July
TVET Education- Research- Extension -Demonstration
Posted: 14 July by Biplab Pau...
SDG Affinity Group | Working with Purpose: Developing Youth Skills for Green Building, Cities and Infrastructure
Posted: 14 July by Kenneth Ba... | Last reply: 14 July
Publication series on TVET in development cooperation
Posted: 08 July by Pooja Gia... | Last reply: 13 July
Volunteers Needed for feedback on a Future Teacher Kit
Posted: 13 July by Pooja Gia...
The Center on Education and Training for Employment (CETE) now offers a Go Digital Training Collection for those looking to sharpen their online training skills
Posted: 12 July by Marcie Kam...
unit standards for Leather production, design & Manufacturer
Posted: 12 July by Leena- Nel...
Seeking holistic support towards PhD research initiatives
Posted: 08 July by Nazrul Isl... | Last reply: 10 July
Young People and Micro-creds for Sustainable Futures
Posted: 06 July by Professor ... | Last reply: 09 July
Five More Teaching Techniques
Posted: 08 July by Leigh Ridg...
TVET directory Sub-Saharan Africa
Posted: 17 September 2018 by [joe.mark... | Last reply: 08 July
Differences between Competency based and outcome based
Posted: 30 June by Mooketsi M... | Last reply: 08 July
WFCP Affinity Group | Working with Purpose: Developing Youth Skills for Green Building, Cities and Infrastructure
Posted: 07 July by Andrea Fou...
Posted: 25 June by Vusi Masek... | Last reply: 05 July
Pedagogies of Care in TVET E-Learning/FAB
Posted: 30 June by Joseph Mwa... | Last reply: 05 July
The quote I like most
Posted: 24 June by Arjun Pras... | Last reply: 03 July
Case Study on Developing a more Inclusive Internationalization
Posted: 23 June by Paul Brenn... | Last reply: 02 July
Model for Production Units in Technical Colleges
Posted: 29 June by EMAMOROSE ... | Last reply: 02 July
UNEVOC Quarterly # 6 --- Revue trimestrielle #6
Posted: 29 June by Max Ehlers...
Publication on TVET Research in Sub-Saharan Africa
Posted: 16 June by Max Ehlers... | Last reply: 28 June
ALADIN Online Alert #37
Posted: 28 June by l.krolak@u...
Research Seminar on the Impact of COVID-19 on Skilling, Upskilling and Reskilling in Enterprises: 28 June 2021 from 13:00 - 14:30 (CEST)
Posted: 24 June by UNESCO YL... | Last reply: 24 June
Capacity Development in TVET: TVET Academy
Posted: 17 May by Ulrike Sch... | Last reply: 24 June
E-learning methodologies and good practices/FAO-2021
Posted: 17 June by Amir Radfa... | Last reply: 24 June
Trust within faculty groups and across TVET institutions
Posted: 24 June by Leigh Ridg...
Skills challenge call: Preventing forced labour in Africa through skills and lifelong learning
Posted: 24 June by Christine ...
UNESCO-UNEVOC is calling for proposals - `Entrepreneurial learning for disadvantaged youth` and `Inclusive TVET institutions`
Posted: 14 May by Wouter de ... | Last reply: 23 June
Call for Proposal
Posted: 22 June by Prof.Raja ...
You`re Invited to participate in BSDU Skill Carnival 2021
Posted: 22 June by Rajdeep De...
NROC Project Recommended to All
Posted: 15 June by T. Damian ...
Capacity Development of TVET Personnel
Posted: 10 June by Gideon Mur... | Last reply: 15 June
Trainers/Teachers Guide for Competence Based Implementation
Posted: 12 June by Gideon Mur... | Last reply: 14 June
The Importance of Trust
Posted: 13 June by Leigh Ridg...
Creativity and Innovation Methodologies: Practical Steps Towards Organizational Excellence
Posted: 03 May by Mansour Ka... | Last reply: 10 June
Recruitment of National Experts for the Project "Tackling Skills Mismatch in Sub-Saharan African Countries"
Posted: 09 June by Khalil bah...
Join us for Bridging Africa and Europe: New Qualifications and Competencies in TVET!
Posted: 09 June by Natalie Ax...
Your input requested for new TVET Country Profiles service
Posted: 06 May by Max Ehlers... | Last reply: 08 June
German Expert in Welding Technology for a short term Training of Trainers Project in India
Posted: 07 June by Ravishanka...
NQF, RPL & Credit Transfer
Posted: 26 May by Chandra Pr... | Last reply: 04 June
Rural Economy and TVET
Posted: 02 June by Biplab Pau...
[L&W] Latest news on European research in learning and work - June 2021
Posted: 01 June by sabine-man...
GRP4TVET Global Resource - Looking for a Process Consultant
Posted: 27 May by Grace Mwau... | Last reply: 31 May
Performance Management for TVET leacturers
Posted: 28 May by Hoosen Ras... | Last reply: 29 May
Visible Impact of Training
Posted: 05 May by Biplab Pau... | Last reply: 28 May
Posted: 28 May by Hary Andri...
The PROFESSIONAL SALES Vocational Program
Posted: 26 May by James D. R...
Yes it’s possible: Integrating the SDGs into a multi-campus TVET Institution in Canada
Posted: 21 May by Andrea Fou... | Last reply: 25 May
Vanuatu Skills Partnership
Posted: 23 May by Leigh Ridg...
Podcast: The Dark Arts - Plagiarism & Academic Integrity
Posted: 14 May by Katherine ... | Last reply: 23 May
68% of adult students testify to cheating!
Posted: 19 May by Leigh Ridg... | Last reply: 19 May
Work-Process Based Development of Curricula
Posted: 30 November 2020 by Georg Spöt... | Last reply: 19 May
Digital Version of S-OJT - SiTUATE
Posted: 12 May by Ronald Jac... | Last reply: 19 May
Retention of students, TVET studies and programme of "Docente/Tutor"
Posted: 17 May by Stephen Mu...
UNESCO World Conference on Education for Sustainable Development
Posted: 17 May by Max Ehlers...
TVET Training wastage
Posted: 07 May by TYLVIS SIN... | Last reply: 15 May
New online resource on entrepreneurial learning in TVET
Posted: 11 May by Wouter de ... | Last reply: 12 May
JUST PUBLISHED. CVA/ACFP Newsletter, March-April 2021 /Infolettre CVA//ACFP
Posted: 09 May by cvaacfp []... | Last reply: 11 May
Uniformity of TVET training and Education
Posted: 09 May by Biplab Pau...
Acceptability of a particular certification across nations and industries
Posted: 01 May by Sankaran K... | Last reply: 06 May
Registration is now open for our webinar on Navigating the Maze of Digital Tools and Services
Posted: 06 May by UNESCO-UNE...
German Expert required in Advanced Welding Technology for Training of Trainers
Posted: 03 May by Ravishanka...
Three Place Based Scenarios for post-COVID Recovery for Young People
Posted: 03 May by Professor ...
Starting a Business - Entrepreneurship Program
Posted: 10 March by James D. R... | Last reply: 01 May
UNEVOC RfQ: Mapping trends, challenges and good practice examples of digital skills development in TVET Teacher Training
Posted: 29 April by UNESCO-UNE... | Last reply: 01 May
Call for Papers
Posted: 01 May by Ugochukwu ...
NVQS and permeability
Posted: 30 April by Arjun Pras...
Genially - An Impressive Interactive Visual Communication Tool for Educators
Posted: 29 April by James D. R... | Last reply: 30 April
UK TVET Perspective
Posted: 30 April by Leigh Ridg...
New ILO Employment podcast: Is the future ready for youth?
Posted: 30 April by Jeannette ...
Erasmus+ Innovation projects to share
Posted: 29 April by Susana Esp...
TVET Telegraph - focus Green Recovery and TVET
Posted: 29 April by Pooja Gia...
WHO Call for Interest - Participate in the Delphi process on Learning Recognition and Awarding of Digital Credentials
Posted: 29 April by Wouter de ... | Last reply: 29 April
The 1st Luban Workshop Inaugurated in Ethiopia
Posted: 28 April by Yohannes H...
Join us for Bridging Asia-Pacific and Europe: New Qualifications and Competencies in TVET!
Posted: 22 April by Natalie Ax... | Last reply: 28 April
Handbook of Skill Acquisition Training and Empowerment Programme
Posted: 28 April by IGBERADJA ...
IVETA East and West Africa 2021 Regional E-Conference Call for Papers
Posted: 28 April by IGBERADJA ...
Role of TVET in moving towards sustainability
Posted: 21 December 2017 by Josephine ... | Last reply: 25 April
Seeking views on future skills need
Posted: 21 April by Nasir Kazm... | Last reply: 23 April
Invitation for write-up in International Journal (4th Edition)
Posted: 20 April by Fazle Rabb... | Last reply: 22 April
Blogpost: COVID-19 highlights the urgency of TVET reforms
Posted: 19 April by Max Ehlers... | Last reply: 21 April
2021 UNESCO-UNEVOC TVET Leadership Programme – open for applications
Posted: 24 March by Wouter de ... | Last reply: 19 April
Warm greetings on World Heritage Day 2021
Posted: 18 April by Arjun Pras...
New podcast on the topic of Skills and Human Capital Development
Posted: 15 April by Maria Lvov... | Last reply: 16 April
Teaching practical skills online - how far can you go?
Posted: 10 April by Terry Neal... | Last reply: 15 April
IVETA 2021 Europe Regional E-Conference Call for Papers
Posted: 28 February by Serumu Igb... | Last reply: 15 April
Transformation of Education in Africa
Posted: 13 April by John Glass... | Last reply: 15 April
Sharing CIATE 2021 Book
Posted: 07 April by Dr. Fernan... | Last reply: 13 April
Conference on Evidence based VET The evidence for the relevance of Vocational Training programmes – learners’ destinations and employers' satisfaction with what they have learned
Posted: 13 April by Ali Rashid...
Mark your calendars for Girls in ICT Day coming up next week!
Posted: 13 April by Cristina G...
South Korea - TVET in Schools
Posted: 13 April by Leigh Ridg...
Time - Is it really on our side?
Posted: 29 March by Leigh Ridg... | Last reply: 13 April
TVET Governance
Posted: 08 April by Amir Radfa... | Last reply: 13 April
Virtual Classroom Platform Preference(s)
Posted: 12 April by James D. R...
The Recognition of Acquired Competencies (RAC) Process
Posted: 15 March by James D. R... | Last reply: 12 April
Posted: 12 April by Khalil bah...
DACUM 2021 schedule. THE CVA IS RESUMING ITS DACUM TRAINING in 2021 / Reprise des ateliers DACUM de l'ACFP
Posted: 12 April by cvaacfp []...
Registration is open for our webinar on Social Aspects of Digital Learning in TVET
Posted: 08 April by Nickola Br...
A Practical Conceptualization of TVET
Posted: 07 April by Moses Njen... | Last reply: 08 April
UNESCO Consultancy Opportunity - Project Evaluation
Posted: 08 April by Kenneth Ba...
Help Research Paper on Pandemic Padegogy Request
Posted: 08 April by Prof.Raja ...
German Consultant in CNC operations and programming for a short assignment
Posted: 14 March by Ravishanka... | Last reply: 07 April
Save the Date: HCT Future Readiness Webinar Panel Series Edition 5: - Personalized Anytime Anywhere Education & Service - April 12
Posted: 07 April by Samah Clar...
Helpful article if you are developing online TVET instruction
Posted: 05 April by Marcie Kam...
[L&W] Latest news on European research in learning and work - April 2021
Posted: 31 March by Sabine Man...
TVET Extension and Expansion
Posted: 26 January by Biplab Pau... | Last reply: 31 March
Pre-requization for Ensure CBTin VET/TVET sector
Posted: 25 March by Biplab Pau... | Last reply: 30 March
Way Forward in Protecting Intangible Heritage
Posted: 01 August 2020 by Lul Admasa... | Last reply: 30 March
International Expert for TVET 2- Higher Education QA&A and Internationalization
Posted: 29 March by Dr B. A. O...
UNEVOC Quarterly # 5 --- Revue trimestrielle #5
Posted: 29 March by Max Ehlers...
National Conference on VET Excellence: Perspectives and Challanges
Posted: 24 March by Rajesh Kha... | Last reply: 28 March
FaB TVET Network
Posted: 16 March by Abdi Tiony... | Last reply: 25 March
The Critical Internationalization of Higher education for Sustainable Development Goal
Posted: 16 March by Lul Admasa... | Last reply: 23 March
TEVT Evaluation procedure for an ESD Transfer Project
Posted: 21 March by Cosmas Lam... | Last reply: 22 March
First International Conference on Vocational and Entrepreneurial Training – ICVET
Posted: 12 March by Dr. Fernan... | Last reply: 20 March
Sistema de Formacion Tecnico Profesional
Posted: 17 March by Fredy Fern... | Last reply: 18 March
Registration open for our Webinar on Digital Competence and the Future of Work
Posted: 09 March by Jens Liebe... | Last reply: 17 March
Affinity Group on the UN Sustainable Development Goals
Posted: 18 February by Kenneth Ba... | Last reply: 16 March
What is the standard classification of trades in sectors and sub sectors?
Posted: 11 March by Jamal Nasi... | Last reply: 15 March
UNESCO Office for the Pacific States vacancies
Posted: 15 March by Wouter de ...
E-learning Instructional Design
Posted: 14 March by Leigh Ridg...
Constructive knowledge
Posted: 03 March by Arjun Pras... | Last reply: 14 March
JUST PUBLISHED. CVA/ACFP Newsletter, January-February 2021 /Infolettre CVA//ACFP
Posted: 14 March by cvaacfp []...
JUST PUBLISHED. CVA/ACFP Newsletter, November-December 2020 /Infolettre CVA//ACFP
Posted: 06 January by cvaacfp []... | Last reply: 14 March
Education for Sustainable Development Competencies for Teachers and Education Professionals
Posted: 11 March by Charlotte ... | Last reply: 13 March
The first international Conference of quality, Call for papers
Posted: 05 March by Mahir Maje... | Last reply: 10 March
Australasian VET Conference (Online) Call for apers and registratins
Posted: 15 February by Kira Clark... | Last reply: 10 March
Nominations now open for the UNESCO Prize for Girls` and Women`s Education
Posted: 09 March by Nozawa, Mi...
Institute for Global Faculty Development
Posted: 05 March by Norbert Fu...
TVET Evolution
Posted: 01 March by Leigh Ridg... | Last reply: 05 March
Entrepreneurship Learning as Approach to Quality Assurance Management of TVET
Posted: 21 February by Moustafa M... | Last reply: 04 March
ALADIN Online Alert #35
Posted: 01 March by Krolak, Li...
TVET Quality Key Performance Indicators
Posted: 13 February by Moustafa M... | Last reply: 01 March
2 Consultancy Opportunities for TVET experts in the Asia-Pacific region
Posted: 01 March by UNESCO-UNE...
TVET Course in Agricultural Sector
Posted: 01 March by Biplab Pau...
Building a global database of online TVET Platforms - please add your suggestion
Posted: 23 February by Caspar Gro... | Last reply: 01 March
An Untapped Force for Global Education; An exploration of small and medium enterprises
Posted: 28 February by Mahir Maje...
Flexible and Blended TVET Network
Posted: 26 February by Terry Neal...
Festo’s eLearning Modules about the Water Cycle and Management
Posted: 15 February by Marcela Ma... | Last reply: 25 February
FREE access today only (2-25) to the Making Training Virtual online module
Posted: 25 February by Marcie Kam...
ImpActful updates | Nouvelles d`ImpAct
Posted: 22 February by Lis Huang ...
The Center on Education and Training for Employment (CETE) will offer FREE access to the Making Training Virtual Module on 2-25
Posted: 22 February by Marcie Kam...
Online courses for entrepreneurial skills
Posted: 19 February by Juliet Edw... | Last reply: 22 February
TVET for meeting SDG-15 target
Posted: 22 February by Kenneth Ba...
Exciting research consultancy with IIEP-Dakar on Skills Mismatch in Africa
Posted: 19 February by Jérôme GER...
TVET curricula
Posted: 12 February by Fiery Nyat... | Last reply: 19 February
Vacancy Announcement @UNEVOC: Programme Officer
Posted: 16 February by UNESCO-UNE... | Last reply: 18 February
Webinar - Global report on career guidance (17 February 2021)
Posted: 10 February by UNESCO YLS... | Last reply: 15 February
Podcast Education Transformation, Episode 26: 10 More teaching Techniques
Posted: 15 February by Leigh Ridg...
URGENT - Offre de consultation en EFTP pour l`Afrique
Posted: 09 February by Jérôme GER...
For a world without barriers. Zero Project Conference 10-12 February
Posted: 09 February by Max Ehlers...
2 UNESCO-UNEVOC consultancies for TVET Country Profile development
Posted: 09 February by Max Ehlers...
Creating Strong Higher Education Institutions during The Decade of Action for Sustainable Development Goal
Posted: 05 February by Lul Admasa...
Why we need to promote Competency in TVET Systems?
Posted: 24 January by Moustafa M... | Last reply: 03 February
New date for WorldSkills Shanghai
Posted: 03 February by Max Ehlers...
Follow up on CTE programs
Posted: 31 January by Latoya Wil... | Last reply: 02 February
ILO-World Bank-UNESCO webinar on TVET and skills development in the time of COVID-19
Posted: 29 January by Max Ehlers... | Last reply: 02 February
Blended Learning in TVET Institutions
Posted: 28 January by Moustafa M... | Last reply: 02 February
Kiribati Institute of Technology
Posted: 18 January by Leigh Ridg... | Last reply: 02 February
Digital Learning Day
Posted: 29 January by Wade Evans... | Last reply: 01 February
TVET Quality Management
Posted: 01 February by Leigh Ridg... | Last reply: 01 February
(L&W) Latest news on European research in learning and work - February 2021
Posted: 01 February by Sabine Man...
School Project on the effect of TVET and Migration
Posted: 29 January by Austin Sco... | Last reply: 31 January
Contemporary Issues in the Digitalization of TVET in Africa
Posted: 29 January by Serumu Igb... | Last reply: 29 January
ImpActful updates | Nouvelles d`ImpAct
Posted: 28 January by Lis Huang ...
Extended deadline: *Request for Quotation* - Delivering Short-Term Skill Training to mitigate the impact of COVID-19
Posted: 28 January by Kenneth Ba...
Webinar on 3 February 2021: How Prison Libraries support Rehabilitation Efforts
Posted: 27 January by Krolak, Li... | Last reply: 27 January
TVET Education Duration
Posted: 13 January by Biplab Pau... | Last reply: 27 January
Virtual DACUM Training Now Available
Posted: 19 January by John Moser... | Last reply: 26 January
Kiribati Institute of Technology: Celebrating 50 years of training skills excellence
Posted: 26 January by Anthony Mi...
TVET, Health, Safety and Environmental Protection
Posted: 16 December 2020 by Moustafa M... | Last reply: 25 January
Effective TVET In the world
Posted: 24 January by Biplab Pau... | Last reply: 24 January
Invitation from WFCP to tender: Developing a Global Statement on Professional Technical Education and Training
Posted: 07 January by Camille Kh... | Last reply: 24 January
TVeT Forum app? and other TVeT Forum improvements
Posted: 09 December 2020 by Max Ehlers... | Last reply: 23 January
TVET in the storm .. what could and should be done?
Posted: 23 January by Dr Dr Ahm...
Concept and interrelation between Education, Training , Skills and Skills Development
Posted: 10 December 2020 by Dr. Md. Sh... | Last reply: 22 January
Interior Design Online Course as TVET Introduction
Posted: 22 January by T. Damian ...
Skills Development in the Time of COVID-19
Posted: 22 January by Mahir Maje...
Intersector and Trans Sector approach in TVET
Posted: 20 January by Sankaran K... | Last reply: 20 January
Just published: Entrepreneurial Learning for TVET Institutions - a Practical Guide
Posted: 18 December 2020 by Nozawa, Mi... | Last reply: 20 January
PHD in TVET and Sustainable Education
Posted: 01 December 2020 by abitha joh... | Last reply: 17 January
Developing Instrument to rank tvet Institutions
Posted: 14 January by Mooketsi M... | Last reply: 16 January
COVID 19 and beyond : The Role of Colleges and Institutes in Canada’s resilient recovery
Posted: 15 January by Marie-José...
Potential Technology Vs Employability in TVET
Posted: 14 January by Biplab Pau... | Last reply: 15 January
Employability of TVET graduate
Posted: 31 December 2020 by Biplab Pau... | Last reply: 15 January
Trainer Induction Support
Posted: 14 January by Leigh Ridg...
`Designing a Qualification Framework for TVET Trainers`
Posted: 20 December 2020 by Abbas Kari... | Last reply: 11 January
Mongolia - The Power of Education
Posted: 06 January by Leigh Ridg...
Season`s greetings and a happy new year
Posted: 18 December 2020 by UNESCO-UNE... | Last reply: 06 January
Posted: 01 January by Arjun Pras...

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