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Meeting Report: Re-alignment of TVET in Iraq with Employment Requirements, Cairo, Egypt, 17-19 July 2006

Report on meeting on "Re-alignment of TVET in Iraq with Employment Requirements" in Cairo, Egypt, 17-19 July 2006. UNESCO, UN-Habiat and the German Government, in co-operation with the Iraqi Government organized a Forum to analyze the current situati ...

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The 6Es plus Education makes Seven: Why is Education Central to the Youth Employment Summit (YES) Campaign?

The YES Campaign was launched at the Alexandria Youth Employment Summit, in Egypt in September, 2002. This important meeting marked the beginning of the decade-long ‘Global Campaign for Youth Employment’. Its key focus was the concern to more eff ...

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Training for Work in the Informal Micro-Enterprise Sector: Fresh Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa

IMEs are employing a large share of the labour force in developing countries. Informal apprenticeships are by far the most common source of skills for these entrepreneurs and workers – in some countries it is likely to be responsible for 80-90% of ...

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The Transformation of Vocational Education and Training (VET) in The Baltic States

Survey of Reforms and Developments
The Baltic States are a source of enormous (human) potential that can greatly enrich Europe and have enjoyed special attention in European VET policy. Since they are among the newest members of the European Union, they are involved in the Copenhagen ...

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Research for TVET Policy Development

Following the UNESCO-UNEVOC International Meeting on "Innovation and Excellence in TVET Teacher and Trainer Education" at Hangzhou / China on November 8 - 10th 2004, the Chinese Ministry of Education through Tianjin University, UNESOC-UNEVOC and the ...

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The Bologna Declaration and Emerging Models of TVET Teacher Training in Germany

The implementation of the Bologna Declaration (1999) has resulted in major changes to degree structures in Germany. The recommendation to adopt a two-cycle system of degree awards (Bachelor and Master) within a given timeframe represents a radical co ...

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TVET Teacher Education on the Threshold of Internationalisation

UNESCO International Meeting on Innovation and Excellence in TVET Teacher Education, Hangzhou/China in Novemer 2004
The UNESCO International Meeting on Innovation and Excellence in TVET Teacher Education took place iin Hangzhou/China in Novemer 2004. The main aim of this conference was to establish a platform for discussion about improving the equality of TVET. Th ...

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Communication and Learning in the Multicultural World

Festschrift for Professor Tapio Varis
This book is a collection of scholarly contributions by twenty-one internationally renowned academics, who also happen to be friends of Professor Tapio Varis, on the occasion of his 60th birthday.

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Vocational education: the come-back?

Reproduced from Education Today, No. 13, April-June 2005 with the permission of UNESCO Paris
Technical and vocational education and training has fueled phenomenal economic growth in some countries and fallen short of expectations in others. Globalization is prompting governments to take renewed interest in this branch, still perceived as se ...

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Learning to Do: Values for Learning and Working Together in a Globalized World

An integrated Approach to Incorporating Values Education in Technical and Vocational Education and Training. UNESCO-APNIEVE sourcebook no.3 for Trainers,Teachers and Students in the Area of TVET.
Through its education policies and programmes UNESCO aims, first and foremost, to contribute to peace and harmony in the world. Its activities are primarily targeted at those people in the world who are the most in need and who suffer the most from t ...

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Vocationalisation of Secondary Education Revisited

The book, edited jointly by Jon Lauglo and Rupert Maclean, is a cutting-edge contribution to the debate which has occurred for some time on the pros and cons of secondary education becoming more closely and explicitly related to preparing young peopl ...

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UNESCO Regional Experts Meeting on TVET Joint Projects in the Arab States

Meeting Report. Amman, Jordan, 1-3 August 2005
UNESCO Regional Office - Beirut and the UNESCO-UNEVOC International Centre for Technical and Vocational Education and Training adopted a regional initiative for development of TVET projects in the Arab States and other regions of the world (i.e. Afri ...

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Meeting Report: International Approaches to TVET Development, Kabul, Afghanistan, 21 - 23 November 2005

Training Seminar for Afghanistan
Report on the Seminar on "International Approaches to TVET Development" in Kabul on 21 - 23 November 2005. The overall objective of the seminar was to expose Afghan TVET policy-makers, planners and implementers to different TVET models. Twenty-three ...

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Meeting Report: Regional Workshop on the Role of Education and Training in Sustainable Development

Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain, 19-21 September 2005
Representatives from twelve Arab countries participated in the Bahrain workshop on TVET for sustainable development. The meeting, which was jointly organised by UNESCO-Beirut and UNESCO-UNEVOC, was held at the Sheikh Kalifa Bin Salman Institute of Te ...

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Vocational Content in Mass Higher Education?

Responding to the Challenges of the Labour Market and the Workplace. Seminar Report, Bonn, Germany, 8-10 September 2005
How can higher education put forth graduates who effectively contribute to national economies and the labour market in a new age of knowledge-based economies? This was one of the key questions addressed by the forty education experts at the instituti ...

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HIGHLIGHTS: UNESCO-UNEVOC International Centre in 2004

Annual report of the UNESCO-UNEVOC International Centre for TVET. The purpose of this brochure is to briefly convey the essential flavour of the types of activities undertaken by the UNESCO-UNEVOC International Centre for Technical and Vocational Edu ...

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Meeting Report: UNESCO Regional Experts Meeting on TVET Joint Projects in the Arab States, Amman, Jordan, 1 - 3 August 2005

UNESCO Regional Office - Beirut and the UNESCO-UNEVOC International Centre for Technical and Vocational Education and Training adopted a regional initiative for development of TVET projects in the Arab States and other regions of the world (i.e. Afri ...

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Meeting Basic Learning Needs in the Informal Sector: Integrating Education and Training for Decent Work, Empowerment and Citizenship

The anthology brings basic facts and features about basic learning needs and skills of people working and living in the informal economy. In addition, it presents case studies from different countries which examine educational and training strategie ...

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UNESCO International Meeting on Innovation and Excellence in Technical and Vocational Education and Training Teacher/Trainer Education (Hangzhou, China).

This document contains the celeberation that took place at the meeting which was the first time when 68 international experts from 25 countries came together to address a range of issues pertaining to TVET teacher/trainer education. The report also i ...

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UNESCO International Experts Meeting: Learning for Work, Citizenship and Sustainability. Final Report

Bonn, Germany, 25-28 October 2004
In October 2004, UNESCO hosted an International Experts Meeting as part of a five-year review of progress since the Second International Congress on Technical and Vocational Education, in co-operation with the German Federal Ministry of Education an ...

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Integrating sustainable development issues into TVET. Report of International Conference

Poverty alleviation and skills for employability, citizienship and conservation in Asia and the Pacific, Bangkok, 10-13 August 2005

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Open File: Orientating TVET for Sustainable Development

Prospects - Quarterly review of Comparative Education - Issue Number One Hundred and Thirty-Five - co-published by UNESCO, International Bureau of Education

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Stimulating Reform in Southern Africa Through Subregional Cooperation (Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania)

Learning for Life, Work and The Future
This is the report of the workshop which is a followup to the LLWF initiative launched in Botswana, Gaborone, in December 2000. The workshop aimed to provide to the stakeholders from the Southern African Development Community member states an opportu ...

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Learning for Work, Citizenship and Sustainability (Background paper)

Programme - Working Groups, Bonn, Germany, 25-28 October 2004- Learning for Skills Development- Transition to the World of WorkA UNESCO International Meeting of Technical and Vocational Education and Training Experts
Background paper for the working groups

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Estudio de viabilidad de posibilidades de promover la cooperación regional en el sector de EFTP en América Latina y el Caribe

Primera fase: investigación de la extensión de cooperación regional ya existente en América Latina y el Caribe
This document provides an overview of current regional activities, plans and existing cooperation networks of TVET in Latin America and the Caribbean. It identifies organisations and institutions that are active in the field of TVET, which might be i ...

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