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Safeguarding intangible cultural heritage through TVET
Virtual Conference 29 October to 7 November 2018
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Virtual conference on Safeguarding intangible cultural heritage through TVET

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‘Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) means the practices, representations, expressions, knowledge, skills – as well as the instruments, objects, artefacts and cultural spaces associated therewith – that communities, groups and, in some cases, individuals recognize as part of their cultural heritage’ (Article 2.1 of the Convention). Thus, ICH, amongst other things, includes performing arts and traditional artisanship (Article 2.2 of the Convention), which are also found in technical and vocational education and training (TVET).

The Convention states that ‘safeguarding’ includes measures that ensure the viability of the intangible cultural heritage, encompassing transmission, particularly through formal and non-formal education.

Although the important role TVET can play to safeguard ICH has been widely acknowledged, many questions remain about how TVET stakeholders can get involved. This virtual conference will elaborate on what ICH means, and explore the links between ICH and TVET.

Intended outcomes

The intended outcomes of the conference are for participants to:

  • Understand what intangible cultural heritage (ICH) is and the role of groups in designing and delivering TVET programmes on ICH
  • Recognize the links between ICH and TVET and the role of different TVET stakeholders
  • Identify the opportunities and challenges safeguarding ICH presents to TVET and ICH stakeholders
Structure and sequencing

The virtual conference is founded on four topics. These topics will be ‘opened’ for discussion on the following days:

  • Monday, 29 October - Topic 1: Understanding intangible cultural heritage
  • Tuesday, 30 October - Topic 2: Exploring the links between ICH and TVET
  • Thursday, 1 November - Topic 3: Opportunities and challenges of safeguarding ICH though TVET
  • Monday, 5 November - Topic 4: Safeguarding ICH in TVET: Making it work

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The virtual conference will be in English. However, French and Spanish speaking participants can use the built-in translation feature to follow discussions and to contribute in their languages.

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