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UNESCO Publications


Below you can find a selection of UNESCO publications that are relevant in the context of TVET. For the full catalogue, please use the UNESCO Digital library.

Final Report: Third International Congress on Technical and Vocational Education and Training

on “Transforming TVET: Building skills for work and life” Shanghai, People’s Republic of China 14 to 16 May 2012
General report on the conference

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EFA global monitoring report - 2012 (Gender Review)

Youth and skills: putting education to work

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Proposed Indicators for Assessing Technical and Vocational Education and Training

Inter-Agency Working Group on TVET Indicators
The report is organized into three main parts. The first part presents the conceptual framework used to develop the five broad policy areas and describes their scope. The second part focuses on the main indicators for each policy area. A range of in ...

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Fashion or passion? Policy matters in skills development

In an interview published by UNESCO Bangkok, UNESCO Programme Specialist Mr Youngsup Choi challenges common perceptions on TVET.

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Transforming technical and vocational education and training: building skills for work and life; main working document

Main working Document for the International Congress on Technical and Vocational Education and Training, Shanghai 2012
The UNESCO study looks in depth at the major trends and policy developments in TVET since the Second International Congress held in Seoul in 1999. This work has two main objectives. The first is to analyse world trends in TVET in the context of wider ...

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Consultation Meeting of UNEVOC Cluster Coordinators

Meeting Report, Bonn, Germany, 12 to 14 September 2012
The UNESCO-UNEVOC International Centre organized a consultation meeting of Cluster Coordinating UNEVOC Centres in Bonn, Germany, from 12 to 14 September 2012. The aim of the meeting was to discuss the role of Cluster Coordinating UNEVOC Centres in or ...

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SPECIAL REPORT on the Activities Implemented Within the Joint IFESCCO/UNESCO IITE Project “Promotion of the Use of ICTs in TVET in CIS Сountries”

This special report is prepared by the UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education (UNESCO IITE) within the framework of the joint project with the Intergovernmental Foundation for Educational, Scientific and Cultural Cooperation of CI ...

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Promotion of the Use of Information and Communication Technologies in Technical and Vocational Education and Training in CIS countries

IITE has published an analytical report “Promotion of the Use of Information and Communication Technologies in Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) in CIS countries”, prepared in the framework of the joint project of the Intergo ...

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Shanghai Consensus: Recommendations of the Third International Congress on Technical and Vocational Education and Training

Transforming TVET: Building skills for work and life
The recommendations that were agreed during the Congress provide directions regarding areas in which policy dialogue and capacity building are required by Member States at the national, regional and international levels.

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Greening Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) and Skills Development: Challenges and Opportunities

Interagency Working Group’s Initiatives
Support of initiatives for greening TVET and skills development by raising awareness, providing advocacy, sharing and disseminating good practices, knowledge and expertise.

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ILO Publications September 2011-February 2012

After a first series of policy responses to the 2008–09 crisis aimed at sustaining domestic demand through expansionary anti-crisis packages, most European governments – starting with Greece, Ireland, Bulgaria and Romania, and followed by many ot ...

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EFA Global Monitoring Report - 2012

Youth and Skills: Putting Education to Work
Many young people around the world — especially the disadvantaged — are leaving school without the skills they need to thrive in society and find decent jobs. As well as thwarting young people’s hopes, these education failures are jeopardiz ...

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Transforming TVET - from idea to action

One decade of UNESCO-UNEVOC
On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of its establishment in Bonn in 2002, the UNESCO-UNEVOC International Centre published a brochure retracing its activities over the last decade, in order to reflect on past achievements, present ongoing projec ...

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International Review of Education

Internationale Zeitschrift fur Erziehungswissenschaft
The International Review of Education is edited by the UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning, Hamburg, with the advice of an independent Editorial Board and the assistance of consulting editors and academic reviewers. The journal is the longest-runn ...

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Global Compact International Yearbook

The UN Global Compact (UNGC) is a strategic policy initiative for businesses that are committed to aligning their operations and strategies with ten universally accepted principles in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption ...

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World Investment Report 2012

Towards a new Generation of Investment Policies
Prospects for foreign direct investment (FDI) continue to be fraught with risks and uncertainties. At $1.5 trillion, flows of global FDI exceeded pre financial crisis levels in 2011, but the recovery is expected to level off in 2012at an estimated $1 ...

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ESD+TVET: promoting skills for sustainable development

We need to put our world on a more sustainable development path. Yet reaching and teaching sustainability is still a paramount challenge. Without education, there can be no sustainable development. Education empowers people with the knowledge, skills ...

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School-to-Work Transition Information Bases

Asia-Pacific Education System Review Series No. 6.
This booklet analyses the information system supporting school-to-work transition in selected countries in the Asia-Pacific region. The rationale for the study is underpinned by the importance of accurate and reliable information as the starting poin ...

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A Basic Guide to Open Educational Resources (OER)

This Guide to OER comprises three sections. The first – a summary of the key issues – is presented in the form of a set of ‘Frequently Asked Questions’. Its purpose is to provide readers with a quick and user-friendly introduction to Open Edu ...

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Youth Xchange Climate Change and Lifestyles Guidebook

The UNESCO/UNEP YouthXchange guidebook on climate change and lifestyles is the first in a series of thematic guidebooks supporting the YouthXchange initiative. The thematic guidebooks take into account challenges, opportunities, good practices and ca ...

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Teacher Mobility and Recruitment in Education in Emergencies

IICBA newsletter Vol. 13 No.1, January - June.
Articles: - Next steps in managing teacher migration: The role and status of migrant teachers in emergencies - Finding people to teach and making them good teachers in a complex IDP emergency: The case of Cote d’Ivoire from 2002 - Teacher migra ...

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The Role of teacher training in technical and vocational education and training (TVET) in Africa

IICBA newsletter Vol. 13. No. 2 December, 2011
- New Challenges in TVET Teacher Education (Prof. Shyamal Majumdar, Ph.D.) - TVET Reform In Sub-Saharan Africa – An Institutional Perspective: The case of Mozambique (Jorgen Billetoft) - Challenges for Technical and Vocational Education and Trai ...

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UNESCO ICT Competency Framework for Teachers

Version 2.0
The UNESCO ICT Competency Framework for Teachers (ICT-CFT) is intended to inform educational policy makers, teacher-educators, providers of professional learning and working teachers on the role of ICT in educational reform, as well as to assist Memb ...

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Final Report: UNEVOC Networking and Capacity Building in TVET and ESD in the Commonwealth of Independent States

UNEVOC Network Meeting, Final report. Ufa, Republic of Bashkortostan (Russian Federation) June 29 – July 1, 2011
With the aim of sharing knowledge, fostering cooperation and mobilizing expertise and resources to enhance the role of TVET in meeting the educational, economic and social needs in the countries of the CIS and regions of the Russian Federation, the i ...

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ICTs in TVET: UNESCO IITE Policy Brief November 2011

Major research projects by different international organizations concentrate on the “21st century competencies” in our knowledge economy driven by technology. The efforts aim at finding indicators, criteria, and benchmarks for international compa ...

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