Structure of the Network

In order to enable a better coordination of the Network, clusters have been created in all regions to allow for a better interface with all UNEVOC Centres. Each of the 5 regions (Africa, Arab states, Asia & Pacific, Latin America & Caribbean and Europe & America) are divided into clusters of countries based on geographical, linguistic and economic criteria. Selected UNEVOC Centres in each cluster are selected to effectively manage and coordinate the UNEVOC centres within each cluster.

To find out more about the UNEVOC Centres and the different clusters in the UNEVOC Network, click on a country to select it or select an area using your mouse to zoom into a region.

Northern America

Caribbean States

Central and Eastern Africa

Central and Latin America

CIS States (Europe and Asia)    

Eastern and South-Eastern Asia    


Mashreq States

North Africa / Arab States

Pacific Islands

Southern Africa

Southern Asia

West Africa

page date 2014-03-13

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